The Replacement

Clones have one purpose: to replace deceased children.
But some people have other ideas.
Ariya is in trouble. She and her Clone are running. To the other side. Will they make it before they're caught?


1. Prologue

The Replacement




Dr Elijah Johnston, a British researcher, perfected the technique of human cloning in 2040. Political debates about how to use this knowledge took over the meetings in the Houses of Parliament. People from both sides held mass protests to pressure the Government into siding with them. A vote was held by the ministers. 85% voted against the use of cloning. Support for cloning gradually decreased among the British population. Those still in favour of it escaped to practice cloning freely. This was the Departure which led to the building of the Separation Barrier. It ruined everything. They took London and closed themselves off from the rest of the world. The ministers deserted the Houses of Parliament and formed another country with the rest of England. Escapees came from all over England, hoping that cloning would help the current financial crisis. It didn’t. Importing food became difficult. There were no resources on the other side. The mortality rate increased - children died the most often. Several large Clone groups were made to battle over land and food for their creators. Most of these Clones died fighting. To help heal the broken souls of parents and prevent the abuse of the cloning method, it was decided by the newly formed Government that Clones were to be made only to replace deceased children and for this purpose only. These were the foundations upon which Thames City was built.


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