{Book1} Mai Evans was normal before she met Harry, Zayn, Louis, Niall, Liam and not forgetting Taylor! She soon discovers that she has powers and is one of the last Dreamers on earth, but shes also half Vampire. All hell breaks lose when Taylor thretends Mai, Mai turns from sweet and kind to dark and deadly........ Let the battle began............. XxPerrieTomlinsonXx


1. Chapter 1: Sweet Dreams


Mai's POV:


*~ Dream *~

"Where are you?" A deep voice asks.

I start to run, I know if I stop they will kill me. I know it. "Oh wait there you are!!! " the deep voice says. Dead, dead is what I'll be in a few minuets....


"There you are...... Mai!" This time his tone of voice startled me it sounded EVILLL!!!!

"H-h-h how do y-y-y you know my n-n-n name?" I mumble.

Who knows what this guy and his mates are gonna do to me so I thought I might as well stay quite and try not to scream or run because I know they will catch me. There is NO ESCAPE!!!!

"Hmmm well we've been following you for some time now and your friends Ella and Sadia were a big help for us" he explains with a smirk plastered on his face.

I swear if I ever escape there clutches I will kill them.

" Now my sweet time to die!" He announces

I'm to young I haven't even lived my life yet! He pushed me against the tree.

" hay mate who said you can have her" a voice said. "ME SO BACK OFF MATE OKAY!" He shouted to the boy.

Within those seconds he was biting me! HE WAS A VAMPIRE ! The world became quite, no noise and then my vision went blurry. I started to scream!!!

*~ end of dream *~


I shot up from my bed! That dream was horrible! Ever since the start of last week I've been having them and lately at school I have started to feel like I'm being watched at school.



I get it clock! I turn of the clock and walk to the bathroom! Last day until the weekend heck yeah! I had a quick shower and dried my hair with my awesome hair dryer it was so cool, it has loads of logos on them like Nike, Adidas ECT......

Enough about my awesome hair dryer I slipped on some denim shorts and a YOLO jumper!

I ran down the stairs grabbed my Vans and put them on.

"What about your hair?"mum asks.

"Oh yeah thanks" I say back.

I quickly tied it into a messy bun.

"Heres breakfast love enjoy" my mum says pointing to the plate full of yummy food.

A huge grin appears on my face

"thanks mum it looks yum".

I finished my fry up and looked at the clock 8:40am OH POOP I STILL HAD TO MEET ELLA AND SADIA!

My dream suddenly came back to me. What if the dream was a warning? Shut up Mai you don't know what your talking about!

"Gotta go mum see you after school" I say.

"Bye have a nice day"



A/N Hello people! This is my first story here, and im really excited to see how it does because i've got this story up on Wattpad and it's done really well. So i would like to see how well it's does on here, think of it as a science experment a fun one xx Thank You x :D



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