Justin, Ryan and Chaz

Hannah just got to be Justin's back stage dancer and is new then she meets Justin falls for him and he falls for her read more too find out.


1. Hi I'm new.

I just lefted my home town which is Mami to be Justin Bieber's back dancers I am 19 years old and I am skinny not not bone skinny I have blue eyes and long brunette hair. I was so excited to go tour with Justin and I know I will miss my home but I have been begging my mom for a long time so I walked to get my ticket and walked on the plane my Bestfriend Haley was already a  backstage dancer and I was so excited I was gonna be a dancer for Justin Bieber and with my Bestfriend I had to take a plane to Canada where my friend Haley was gonna be there waiting for me to pick me up I only had about 1 hour lefted.

1 hour later-

as I walked off the plane and got my bags I heard someone scream my name.

Haley: Hannah!!!!

she ran up to me giving me the biggest hug.

Haley: I missed you so much!

Hannah: I missed you too 

Haley had lefted 3 weeks before I lefted because I had to ask my mom and stuff

Haley: girl you are gonna love it

Hannah: I know! 

We walked to the car and she drove me to the tour bus we pulled up to this area and parked in the back where two big buses where parked.

Haley: this is are bus lets put your things up

Hannah: okay nice 

we put all my bags under the bus and put my main stuff in the bunk then we walked into the area and everyone was putting up stuff to get ready for the concert in 3 days 

Haley: Hannah come over here o want you to meet some people

Hannah: okay

i walked to where she was standing and there was 3 people  standing there 

Haley: I want you to meet Tyler, Allie, Thomas 

Hannah: hi nice to meet you I'm Hannah 

they all greeted me then Haley grabbed me and took to the other side of the area where drinks where

Haley: do you want something to drink

Hannah: nah I'm good

after that we heard these bous running and yelling at each other saying nah it isn't over yet!

Haley: o and yeah I'm pretty sure you know who that is it la Justin and that one is Chaz and the other one is Ryan

Hannah: o okay 

i actually decided I was thirsty so I went over to get down water while Haley said yelling at Justin

Haley: heyyy goof balls

Justin: you called us he said laughing 

Haley: your weird

Justin: duh if your not your boring

Justin turned around at me

Justin: who is that beautiful girl!!!!! 

Haley: my Bestfriend that is know your new back up dancer 

Justin: maybe I should go introduce myself 

i looked up and saw Justin walking torwards me 

Justin: hello gorgeous you must be Hannah

i blushed a little

Hannah: yes and you of corse must be Justin  

Justin: you got that right *wink*

justin pulled out his phone

Justin: can I have your number 

i smiled sure he handed me his phone and I put as my contact as Hannah banana with a smile face then I gave it back to him he looked at me

Justin: what did you put it as

Hannah: you will find it (;

he smiled and I walked away heading torwards Haley I looked back

Justin: bye Hannah

Hannah: bye Justin    

***hope you like it of will get better comment what you think okay thanks you guys (; 

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