a night to remember

hailie lauren anna haileigh and monica are all 5 besties who are dying to go to a 1D concert and maybe end up marrying them ( lol ) will they go or will they not? 0.o


1. the beggining

abbys POV:

hi i`m abigail but call me abby, cause i absolutely HATE my name. I have two best friends named haileigh, and kassandra, but we all call kassandra kassy. I am probably One Directions BIGGEST fan. Oh yah it`s also my birthday! so haileigh and kassy are gonna come over and we`re going to have a huge party cause my parents went out of town for the weekend. shhhh... oh I think their here!



`heeeey! comee in! the pizzas are on the way!` `how many did you get?!` `gueess!` kassandra and haileigh kept on trying to guess they finally guessed 20 and they were right. people started showing up at around 8:00 and the pizzas got there at around 8:30. they heard the doorbell ring again at 3:46 and when they answered, you wouldn`t belive how loud they screamed.

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