Early Morning Prayer

2am is desperate and also dangerous, if a specific time to make mistakes exists it's the early hours of the morning. When you say the things you shouldn't to the people you shouldn't. A collaboration of frantic humble thoughts to soothe the cry this time of night creates.


1. Early Morning Prayer



Early Morning Prayer


Silence and stillness dissolve into the air

Minds at rest, chemical dreams reacting to

Weave escapism and colour into resisting

Fibres of the predetermined fabric

Of society.

Surrounded by her unbearable thoughts

Their missing words

The absence of something more

Despair conquered while

She wept for the girl she

Would never be.

Expectations lead to disappoint

Those who force optimism

Concentrate on the fantasy rainbow

Forgetting the peace of the grey sky.

I have evolved

No longer the person

I woke up to be.

My mind has expanded

New worldly experiences grasped

Words spoken, uttered, whispered, shouted.

Feelings sensed, laughed, aggravated, loved.

One day older

The completion of another rotation.

Breathing, I will forget the significance of this day

But for a moment I am thankful

As I pray for another day to try to understand


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