Our "Little" Secret

This is based on a dream i had. Will start publishing closer to the summer.

Who would have thought that he had a girlfriend this whole time, and the times he went off to write he was seeing her. Nobody knew. Nobody would have thought that he was with her. When the fandom finds out, what will they say? Will they be happy with this girl, or will they make sure she doesn't last any longer. Years passed by and their secret was kept, but who was person that busted their little secret romance and caused them to go public? Who was the traitor that spilled their "little" secret? Read and maybe you will find out who connected the dots.


1. I'm Not Her

I stood with my arm blocking the sunlight from my face. Today was a beautiful day and I was going to enjoy it. I went to the beach. I don’t know why I did but I decided to go. I never liked the beach, I had very fair skin so I easily burned. I didn’t like wearing bathing suits either. They made me feel ugly, and fat. I knew I wasn’t though. I worked out almost every day to not feel this way but I still do sometimes. I lay up ay night hoping I could be someone else just for a day. But I know that I am who I am and at least her loves me for it. I wish he were here with him, holding my waist with his chin on my shoulder.

     I wasn't exactly at the beach, but the lake. I don’t like this lake at all. Too many people I know come here. Recently it seemed as though my friends didn't care anymore. Here these people were giving me dirty looks. I had no idea who they were. Strangers, that who they were. They were treating me like I betrayed them but I had never even seen them. I took a walk, trying to forget the eyes glaring and burning holes in the back of my head. The waves crashed against the shore line, the water was not clear. It was gross to me. I wouldn't even let it touch my feet. Today just wasn't right. Something felt wrong or something was going to go wrong.

     I drove back to my apartment. It was a little place in the middle of Marietta. In cobb, where my family had lived for years, I stayed close to them. I told them everything but I never told them one secret. That secret I hoped would never get out. But I was wrong.

     I came back and there were cameras everywhere. People were crowding the complex. It frightened me so. It seemed as if they knew. I walked to the door, hoping that maybe they weren't there for me. They crowded and asked me many questions.

     “Sydney, is it true you are in a relationship with-“ one reporter asked but before they could finish another question began.

     “How long was this-“ again interrupted.

     “why keep it a secret if you-“ I ran inside. They followed.

     They bombarded me with more questions and I didn't want to answer a single one. I fiddled with my keys. They kept going with the questions. I began to cry. My whole world was falling apart. It was perfect. I had the greatest boyfriend in the world and nobody knew. It was just me and him, nobody got in between us. Well now that was all gone. I was horrified at what was going on. I finally got the correct key. I opened the door and slammed it behind me. I slid down the door while tears streamed down my face. They kept knocking at the door, hoping that I would answer them. I wasn't going to. I wanted this to end. Actually if it would happen I wished this day would have never happened. Maybe if I prayed enough, god would rewind and let me do it over. What was he going to say? What was going to happen to me, to him, to us? Would there even still be an us? I wouldn't think so. I had left my phone at home and I saw that there was a message from him.

‘they know, be ready.’

     It was received this morning. I didn't even see it. A message from 7 in the morning that I never saw. Maybe if I saw It I would have been ready for this. Probably not. I knew my happiness would never last. He said from the beginning that it was not suppose to be out in public. We lasted years, I literally mean years. We were so happy and were thinking of running away and getting married, but that would mean coming out and being public. Now I had no idea what was going to happen, so I waited.

     Hours later they all finally left and I called him but there was no answer. I put the phone on my counter and went to bed, maybe I wouldn't wake up. I kind of hoped I wouldn't.

     At about 3 am I got a call, from him.

     “Hey baby,” his voice was raspy, it sounded as if he had jus woken up, “sorry I didn’t answer your call earlier, I was in a meeting and sorry I called you so late. It is like so early here too. They know and I’m not sure how. Someone told but I don’t know who since I told nobody.”

     “I never told anybody if that is what you’re thinking!” I was angry, I thought he was accusing me of telling. I would never do that, I loved him.

     “I know you wouldn't  I need to find out who did this. I am going to come see you in a little once everything is cleared here.”

     “Please don’t leave me.”

     “I would never you are my life. We are getting married, you are my soul mate.” I began to cry again.

     “I’ll see you soon.”

     “I love you Sydney Blair. Don’t you dare forget that.”

     He hung up and I couldn't sleep at all that night. I hoped nothing would change but I knew everything had changed. 

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