Our secret park

Lexi was best friends with Niall horan, yes the Niall horan from one direction. They when they were young, they found this park and call it our secret park.....


6. Meeting the rest of the boys



Hey guys, so I've seen I have had 84 reads so I'm going to keep on going with the fanfic. I'm really sorry the chapters are short. I use my iPad and its so slow for me to type. I'm going to try make longer parts so hang in there!


-Brianna (Tomlinsongirl) ❤


Lexi's P.O.V


Since I'm going on tour with Niall, I'm meeting the boys today. I'm so excited! I know there names are Harry, Liam, Louis and Zayn, I just haven't meet them. I got ready and I wore this.


Niall picked me up from my house and took me to where him and the boys live.

We walked in the flat and I saw 4 boys all sitting on the couch. I said "hi guys, I'm Lexi!"  They all said hi and we started to get to know each other. "So boys, Lexi is going to be going on tour with us. So get to know each other and don't try to pull any moves on her!" Niall said to the boys. I started I laugh at what Niall said about making moves on me.  Harry, Liam and Zayn looked sad for some reason.... I knew Louis had a girlfriend. He wasn't sad.... The boys must like me!




Hey guys. Hope this is a longer chapter! I'm gonna call you guys my little carrots from now on. Hope you guys like the chapter and we need to find girlfriends for Liam, Harry and Zayn! Comment a description about you and what boy you want. Please tell be if this is a good fanfic!


bye bye my little carrots!

-Brianna (Tomlinsongirl) ❤

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