The New Guy

I did not write this story. Its off of well its a narry fanfic. There is boy on boy actions in this. But I really liked this story so yea . This is the authors info:It all started with a "H-hi I'm Niall Horan" to make Harry Styles go weak in the knees. (NOT FAMOUS)


16. Chapter 16



Niall's POV

I was puffing and sweating and cursing Greg under my breathe. That idiot told me to get a cab but never gave me any money to get one.

Now it's probably a 40-minute walk to my house from Harry's.

I didn't wake up Harry because he was still pretty exhausted from last night, after all, he did most of the work. Plus he doesn't know how to drive or anything. So I wrote him a note, gave him a peck on the forhead and left.

I'm not really the fittest person on earth, it's been only 20 minutes and I'm tired as hell.

I stopped by a park and sat on the swing to rest for a while. I started swinging by myself until I heard someone say "Niall?"

As I turned around, of course, it was no one but Josh. Dressed up in a black shirt and shorts.

I asked "what are you doing here?" Josh rolled his eyes and said "I live around here. What are YOU doing here?" I turned around so that I wasn't facing him anymore and said "I just came from Harry's house. I was taking a break from all the walking"

I heard the next swing move and realized that Josh sat on it.

Josh said "Aww. Why didn't your boyfriend walk you home?" I said before thinking "he was tired from last night" oh crap. Why did I let that one slip?

Josh raised his eyebrow while looking at me "Tired from what?" I stuck my tounge out "none of your business"

Josh smriked "of course it is, I'm your other boyfriend ain't I?" I stood up and walked away. Josh ran after me and grabbed my arms and pushed me against a tree.

I got scared "w-what are you gonna do? LEAVE ME ALONE!" Josh sighed and let me go "I'm sorry. Look, you can stop being scared. I've changed. I'm sorry for what I've done to you this past year"

I said "Sorry? You think a 'sorry' can change everything? You think it can make me forget about all the bullshit you put me through?"

I tried pushig Josh away but he wouldn't budge "Niall, I've changed for real. Why do you think I'm trying to make your relationship with Harry work?"

I crossed my arms "Why are you helping me and Harry?" Josh sighed and said "to make-up for everything I did. I just want to see you be happy okay? When we were together, you never smiled and I missed that smile"

I looked down and said "whatever. Just...let me go home. I'm hungry" Josh smiled "want me to walk you home"

I thought for a while and maybe he really did change. As if he'll go to my house one night and murder me right?

I said "sure fine whatever"

Josh smiled. I did feel lighter when he said he'd change. But deep down I don't completely believe him, I still feel so much depression, hate and regret when he's around.

I sent Harry a quick text and I didn't really mind that Josh was reading it, I wanted to clear some things out.

To: Haz

From: Nialler

Hey babe, still walking home. I love you, so much. Still do, will do. *mwah*

I did see some sadness in Josh's eyes but it was gone in a second

A/N: THIS CHAPTER AIN'T DONE YET. Forgive me for the next thing I'll do.

Josh's POV

I didn't tell Niall the complete truth.

It's true, no matter how much I do hate Harry, I want to see Niall happy.


Because when Niall left, I suddenly missed him. I keep looking for him even though I know he's gone.

Then realization hit me. I was the reason Niall left. I hurt him and did much more. Not just emotionally but I really hurt him physically too.

It's been a month and I was depressed. I got kicked out of school. I missed Niall and every night I regret what I did. I missed my chance. I had him and abused him.

I didn't realize how important he was until he left.

He was the one who made me happy and I can't believe I did nothing in exchange, except make him miserable.

I went to vist Niall's house, hoping that maybe he returned. But I was greeted with some newcomers who thought I was visiting them on purpose.

They told precisely where Niall was and with a little help from my family, I flew to New York and enrolled in a school. My plan was to search the whole UK even if it sounds impossible for Niall, but i didn't have to, I coincidentally enrolled in his school.

As soon as I entered in his class, I didn't want to make it look like I missed him so I acted all cruel again. As soon as I noticed he stopped stuttering, I made a rude comment because I knew that Niall would only stop stuttering when he found this one.

Why did I really help Harry and I Niall? It was my plan all along. Maybe he can't be my boyfriend in real life. But as long as we're in school, he's mine.

I make sure though that I act cocky to make sure no one notices my true intention.

Even though he stopped feeling the same way. I couldn't help but enjoy every touch.

When Caroline made us kiss, that really put back the fireworks in me.

I'm hopelessly still in love. Sadly, it's hopeless.

Niall cooughed "Erhm. We're here. Thanks for walking me home" I smiled "No problem"

Niall looked at me for a while, probably thinking of what to do. After a few seconds he hugged me lightly and said "See you in school" I wanted to hug him back but that would give my feelings away "sure"

He walked back into his house. I sighed and walked back to my small apartment.

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