The Tomlinson Triplets

Gabby, Kaylah, and Louis are triplets. But when he takes them to the auditions of the X-Factor, their life's change forever...... A story with romance, secrets, and sibling rivalry.


1. Moving day

Gabby's POV:

I can't believe we are moving back to London. I hated it there the only good part was seeing my bro Louis so happy!! You may be wondering.... yes he is Louis Tomlinson from One direction. I have another sister Kaylah. We are all triplets there is a lot of drama now a days since  he is so famous, and that he is dating Eleanor, but we make it through alright. I'm so sad we don't see him that often any more, but today is a special day this is the day we leave for the UAN tour!!!!! I finally finish packing for the 8 month tour. I'm so excited I finally get to see Niall again. I only saw him once at the X-Factor. We have been texting him off and one but never seen him in person in a year and a half. I really can't wait to see him!!!! 


Kaylah's POV:

Omg!! Omg!!! I get to see Boobear again, I've missed him SOO much it isn't even funny. If you guys don't know I'm The Louis Tomlinson's triplet sister, I was born 10 min after Louis and gabby was born 5 min before Louis and I. I can't wait to see harry I saw him at the auditions and on t.v. and instantly had a crush on him. Don't tell Louis cause he will get all protective over me... Like REALLY PROTECTIVE!! I'm not saying mom or dad protective I'm taking big brother don't want me dating guys protective, I over hear gabby talking to her friend, Isa, about liking Niall. Maybe we both will get boyfriends on this tour!!! Scratch that we most likely will!!


Louis POV:

Omg I get to see my sisters soon I can't wait to see them!! The boys have heard me ramble on and on about them and they finally get to meet them in person again. I have been texting my sisters and they accidentally sent who they liked to me  I hope they aren't talking about my mates... Harry and Niall!

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