The Beginning Of Something Beautiful

Violet is a total hopeless romantic, she's the girl that everyone goes to for relationship advice, the one who writes love songs, and falls for guys a lot. But she can't seem to find someone to love her back. Her not so great home life and full on optimisim make it hard for guys to like her. Life is hard for Violet, but Liam can make it easier.


1. Something New

Violet was walking down to the recording studio, she was working really, really hard to make her dreams come true. She had written over 300 songs and was trying to get them noticed. She recorded every day after school. Her dream was crazy, but she wasn't going to give up. Today was different though, Violet was hosting the radio contest to win One Direction tickets. Violet was already late, she ran up to the door and nearly fainted when she walked in the recording studio.

(Liam's POV) "Hello, love!" I yelled out happily. The poor girl looked shell shocked when she walked in. I suppose most people wouldn't walk into work expecting to see a somewhat famous band. I walked over to her and helped her sit down. I couldn't help but notice how pretty her eyes were. "We came out to help host the contest!" Harry's excited voice pulled me back into reality. I noticed the girl staring at me and couldn't help it when my heart fluttered with nervousness. "What's your name?" I said the words quietly so she whispered back. "Violet" Violet, i said the word under my breath, I liked the way it felt to say it, and man she had pretty eyes. 

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