A Ray Of Spring

This is for the Spring Picture Prompt Competition.


1. A Ray Of Spring-Taylor



Taylor P.O.V

I opened the door, to be welcomed by a calm cool breeze of wind that trailed around the room. I looked up to see the bright sun shining. I smiled in the sun. I looked up at the trees, a pair of robins fly together in the sky. It was spring time, the time for new beginnings, and a new life. The world looked its most beautiful today; its beauty is so natural. It feels like nature is dressed in a beautiful green gown. I shut the door behind me, tucking in a strand of my soft blonde hair. I feel the warmth of the sun; feel the cool fresh air full of warmth and happiness. The blistering sun shines radiantly on me. I see the birds flying away in the sky. This was the time that flowers bloomed. I picked a beautiful yellow tulip, taking a smell of its pretty cent. I watch the butterflies landing on me. The sounds of spring make a smile form in my face, the sounds of kids running or playing in the park. I hear the sound of the last frost cracking under my feet. My calm fern like green eyes spot my next door neighbor Laura's son Harry. The little seven year old boy plays with a bright red spotty bouncy ball, his brown curls glistening in the sun. His warm brown eyes are staring at the ball curiously, looking around then kicks the ball hard. I watch the ball land right beside me.

"Hi Harry, having a good time playing with your ball in the beautiful spring weather" I ask Harry.

"Ball" Harry gestures to the ball beside me, too caught up with getting his ball back then with this weather.

I picked the ball up, and kick it to Harry lightly. Harry picks the ball up, and smiled gleefully, glad to have his ball back I assume.

"Do you like this weather Harry" I ask Harry.

I love this weather. Harry must like it too, who didn't enjoy a beautiful spring weather.

"Spring" Harry exclaimed, jumping up and down.

"Yes it is spring, Where's mommy?" I ask pointing at his house.

"Feeding baby Lia, she always drinks lots of milk" Harry answers smartly, brushing a strand of curly hair.

Lia was Harry baby sister; she was so cute with dark blue eyes, and brown curly hair. I walked towards Harry and picked him up lightly. Harry looked bored, I guess playing by yourself made you feel sad. I understood the pain, being an only child, being an outside. Having no friends, playing by yourself every day, having no friends to play with. I remember sitting by myself on the swing, swinging by myself, no one to play with me. I shake my head, wiping a tear that trickles down my face. I walk towards Harry smiling.

"Do you want a spin" I ask Harry.

"Spin" Harry answered, jumping up and down happily.

Suddenly I spotted my best friend Aidan walking towards me, his warm brown eyes met my fern like green eyes. I saw a bundle of pink balloons in his hand. I dropped Harry carefully on the floor, and began approaching Aidan. Harry followed behind me, hiding behind me. Harry grabbed my hand. I smiled reassuringly.. Aidan gave me a hug, and then broke the embrace.

"Hi Taylor!" Aidan exclaimed, waving at me, balloons in his hand.

"Hi Aidan! What's up with the balloons?" I asked curiously, my eyes staring at the balloons, wondering why Aidan had pink balloons with him.

It wasn't anybody's birthday, for all I knew, and it wasn't like Aidan to carry pink things. In fact, Aidan disliked of anything pink, but why did he have pink balloons.

"Will tell you in a minute, wait patiently, Hi Harry, how are you doing" Aidan asked, finally seeing Harry behind me, and muddles up his hair.

"Good" Harry mumbled, fidgeting with his fingers.

"Is he ok, not a bad monster" Harry whispers to me.

I guess Harry was kind of scared of Aidan. I smiled kindly at Harry, and pat his head.

"Yes he's good, don't worry he won't hurt you" I told Harry honestly.

"Do you want a balloon" Aidan asked, gesturing at the bundle of pink balloons.

"Yes" Harry answered, pointing at the pink balloons in Aidan's hand.

"Yes what" Aidan mumbled.

"Yes please" Harry repeated.

"Good boy" Aidan exclaimed, smiling at Harry.

Aidan took a heart balloon from the bundle and gave it to Harry. Harry smiled, and received the object from Aidan, and then smiled.

"Thanks" Harry replied, looking at Aidan then at me.

"Here you go chap, and have a fun time playing in this gorgeous weather" Aidan prompted me.

I immediately, took a bar of chocolate from my pocket and handed it to Harry. Harry smiled happily, and began taking the wrapper of the chocolate bar, and began munching into the chocolate hungrily, leaving a chocolate mess around his mouth. I linked hands with Aidan, and we began walking to our special tree. Our special tree was really a massive oak tree that was in Aidan's house, in our tree stood our tree house, our flag which was Aidan blue boxer flying in the wind. We had built the tree house when we were eight, nine years ago. So many memories were shed in the tree house; sneaking off watching a movie, our first kiss, our first fight, good and bad memories. We stood under the tree's leaves, away from the blistering sun. "Here have a balloon" Aidan told me, handing me a pink balloon.

I took it from Aidan, and then looked at Aidan curiously.

"What is this for?" I asked, gesturing at the pink balloon.

"For you, For Spring, for new beginnings" Aidan answers, pinching my cheek lightly.

Then I took the bundle of pink balloons from Aidan, and released them. I watched them fly together, the wind pulling them far away. Aidan looked at me, and tried to catch one, but it was no use.

"What was that for?" Aidan asked, annoyed.

"New beginnings" I answered, watching the balloons fly in the sky.

"New beginnings" Aidan repeats, putting his arm around my shoulder.

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