The war of us

A poem my friend decided to try and write for one of my favorite series that I had written.


1. My Poem

The War Of Us



Love and war

Hatred all around

Our time of death is near

Yet when, we will not be destined to know

Cross-eyed kids fill their soul with others folklore

And for someday they hope to become a prophecy

But you still can't see time bring wasted

For you never look

But yet they believe we are are attracted like fire and ice

Only a shelter from them tends to be their only home

Since they came many had been having fear

But yet they and their protection is dwindling down

Therefore there is no way to stop it

Which would you choose love or war?

With love of family, friends, and others


With war of blood, death, and enimies

You are the person of your own knowledge

Later on we shall understand love, and hope to lead many to it

The time has come for your choice

Though there will be many against it

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