Goodbyes Aren't Forever


1. Chapter 1


My name is Madison Clark and I have been living in London for more than 5 years now. I am now sitting in my favorite cafe sipping a cup of coffee and looking through the photos of Harry and I together. I have so many, but my favorite is the picture of him and I on a lake when Louis snapped a photo. We were sitting on the lake in a boat smiling at each other. There was a perfect, beautiful sunset beyond the lake. It was a perfect scene! 
I'm going to start my story out from the beginning before I get too far!

~Chapter 1~

I was born in Virginia and lived there for about 16 years. I loved that state! It was beautiful with all of the animals and plant life. I have always loved going to Washington D.C. because of the cherry blossoms and the beautiful antique buildings. It was just wonderful. I have a great older brother named Jake (who is 6 years older than me), I have a beautiful mom, and a handsome father. I also have a great friend named Louis. Louis and I are the same age and have been besties ever since we were Both 2 years old. We've had some great fun together.
Father was a police officer at that time. He was the boss which sounds kind of fun. You know, with all of the stuff being bossy! Haha He went into the military when he was just 18 and came back when he was 23 years old. He met my mom and they got married within the 2 years they have met. One year later, they had my brother and six years later they had me. Some 16 years past; Jake moved out already and I am in high school.
One Friday, father called mom and told her some depressing news…we were moving to London, England in two months. I was a very sad because I had to leave my best friend behind. I tried to spend every possible time with Louis because we both knew we would probably never ever see each other again. Every single day we spent every second with each other. We had so many good times together. We played games together, wrote songs and sang together. He had a great voice! I've been telling him for a long Tim he should go on the X-Factor or something and see what they think, but he doesn't listen to me. We even made our own fort/treehouse in the woods about a mile away from my home. I was going to miss him so much. Leaving him is like leaving a sibling in a home we are abandoning; It hurt so much.
There is a question that is always asked when a boy and girl are best friends. It is, do we have feeling for one another. The answer for me was that I didn’t have actual feelings for Louis. Yes I have liked him before sometime in my life, but as we got older, we were just great friends. He liked me also, but again, we were just friends. We have flirted many times even until now. Sometimes we pretend to be girlfriend and boyfriend when there is someone who was trying to flirt with either one of us so they would buzz off because we weren’t interested in them. We have also always told each other we love one another, but we have been doing for so long, we both know that it doesn’t mean more than we just love each other as best friends.
I should say that Louis and I are really more like brother and sister than best friends.
Louis would always protect me when it comes to flirty guys or people who are mean to me. He would ways have great comebacks that are really sassy and make the person leave me alone. He was more like a big brother to me.
The day finally came. The day I will be leaving the states and Louis behind me and start a new life. It was a bit cloudy and rainy at the airport. I hugged Louis and said, “Louis. I love you so much. I just can’t believe we might not see each other again.” I started tearing up. I put my head on his shoulder and inhaled the scent of….Louis. It’s like he has his own unique smell. It’s a familiar smell that I will always remember. “I love you too so much Madison. I am so sad you are leaving. I hope you will never forget this sass masta because he will never ever forget you. I will call you and text you daily so it’ll be like we are together. ” We tightened the hug and he let go. He put his hand inside his coat pocket and pulled out a small silver box and handed it to me.”Take this.” I took the little box out of his hand and opened it. “Oh my gosh Lou! I love it!” it is a Bff keychain with a locket attached to it. “I am glad you do. I have one also. I put a pic of myself in yours and a pic of you in mine. We can look at it when we miss each other.” I hugged him again and we stood there for a while. My mom came over to us and said, “Madison, we have to board now.” I was still clinging to Louis and mom had to pull me off of him. I finally gave in and my mom told Louis, “Hey Louis. Even I’m going to miss you. You have been a great blessing to not only our daughter, but to our whole family. I really have grown attached to you these past 16 years also and I have always loved you as a son. I really hope you have great high school year, Louis. I love ya!” “Aww Mrs. Clark, I love you too. You have been quite motherly and I appreciate that a lot. Your family is a great blessing also to ours and I am so glad to be friends with your daughter. I really hope we get to see each other again.” my mom gave Louis a big hug and started walking towards father. I gave Louis one last hugged and kissed his cheek saying, “I love you….as a friend of course. Ha.” He did that same and we exchanged I love you’s. I quickly gathered my carry on baggage and walked to my parents. We went to the gate and I looked at Louis one last time. Those perfect blue eyes, a cheery face that would never show distress or sorrow. Just the Louis I have known all my life. We will just have to hope that these goodbyes aren't forever.

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