Young Summer Love

Melanie Garcia, a girl of 14 years old went on vacation with her family, but she didnt expect to met her favorite superstar, Harry Styles from One Direction.
Would they became more than friends?
Would their relationship work out ?
Would they last forever, or just be a summer love?


1. Summertime

I sat on my desk as wait for the teacher to finish the class. I was doing nothing, just drawing on my notebook like everyone in the classroom. This was  the last day of school, I cant wait to get out of here and go to L.A for my vacations. Finaly the bell rings and everyone rush to the school buses and their lockers. When I was at my locker I take all my books out and take my Iphone, just then my friends  Annya and Dannya ( they are twins) went to me, "Are you ready for the summer time baby!" says Annya "Yes Im really excited, finally we are gonna get out of this jail", we keep talking till we reach the schools parking "Well, goodbye babies, Im gonna miss you so much" i said to my friends as I hug them " We are gonna miss you too Mel " said Annya "Dont worry we are gonna Skype you and text you" said Dannya as she hold me. Just then my mom come to pick me up. As I  reach to the cars door I wave to my friends. "Hi darling, how was the school?" ask my mom "Good" I said, then on the radio was playing Kiss You from one of my favorite boybands, One Direction. I really love them, especially Harry. I love his green eyes, his curls, his voice, his personality and EVERYTHING that involves him and One Direction, call me a freak, but i really love them. But something that I dont like is that Im 14 and Harry is 19, so that means that Harry would never like someone like me. As we reach to my house I change into some jean shorts and a shirt that says LOVE Harry and put my hair in a ponytail. Then i reach downstairs to the kitchen and eat pizza that my mom ordered "baby, your dad says that hes at James football game and that when he comes back we are going straight to L.A, so we need to be ready like at 6:00 in the afternoon" says my mom, James was my big brother that plays for his school football team."ok mom, im going to finish to pack my bags and then get some sleep" "ok babygirl". I finish my pizza and then went to my room to finish to pack my bags. My room was color pink but it dint show much colors beacause all the walls were covered with one Direction posters and photos of me and my friends. I take my zebra-printed bags and keep packing bikkinis, sundresses,shorts,t-shirts,jeans,sunglasses, and snappacks and my purple one-sie. As i finish to pack my bags I fall sleep in my bed that have One direction covers and pillows. Call me a freak, but Im really a fan.

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