Walking down time

It's about a girl who is trapped. To get out she must decide which of the scenes given is either REALITY or FANASTY. If she takes the wrong choice she might end up in the wrong hands.


1. Anguish

"Why do you always have to get the lowest levels?"

"I'm sorry mum, it's my fault that I didn't get as much help on my school work."

"Did you hear what she had said? Huh!" Mother slaps vigorously across my face.

"Why can't you seem to get the levels like the others in your class? Don't you know how much money we're just wasting on your tuitions?" Dad pounded.

"When everyone in your class got good grades inspite the fact the RE teacher, Mr Griffly let your class use RE books for the assessment."

Dad interrupts, "You had the book in front of your face! Everyone else gets Level 8's, 7's and 6's. And all you get is a level 5a. Do you think that is acceptable? The least you could have got was a 6b."

I step back, crying over myself why does this always happen to me all the time. I feel like punching myself. I can't seem to live in this outrageous world.

I can feel that he exists

Within my reach

I wish to get better grades But all I get ,

is sadness.

I redoubled my efforts

But still didn't work

Wondering if he still exists

But I better put my hopes up

Oh, how can I put up with this dignity

With all the shame, teasing and lying

Yet though I somehow I believe

My love is living up there

Waiting for me to give up my body,

I will one day but never my soul

My friends find it funny when

I said this to them

Why doesn't at least one person take it serious?

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