My heart only fits for you

Lizzy is a girl who have a perfect life. Her dad is super good, and she have a funny brother. Her mom died years ago, which is the key for the story. Then she is been invited to her cousin Louis. She find his mates. And how awesome they are. But one of them is very familiar.... Was he? Mm......


1. What happens?

I woke up, as the sunlight found a path toward" me. Another sunny day, I mummred. I stretched for almost a min. Omg how sleepy and lazy iam getting."darling are u awake?" My dad voice rang in my ears. I ran downstairs, as I bumped at my brother. "Jerry how many times should I tell u to wear a shirt?" My dad says, as he headed toward us. "Hi my angel, how was ur sleep?" My dad says keeping an eye toward jerry. "Good daddy" I replied hugging him. Iam too lucky to have a such a father. I just wish life continue like that, fine and good.

"dad I dreamed a bad dream today" I said looking down. What ever bothers me, I always tell my dad. He is more than a friend, dad. He is my life, I don't know what to do if he isn't with me for a second."what?" I asked embarrassed. Omg me and my stupidness. Sometimes I swear iam dumb.

"So what is ur bad dream? Anything that bothers u, ur pappy is here right?" " dad it is that I dreamed that mom came toward me, and then she gave me a dirty look and said how god gave me such a kid as she brings a knife and strike me..."

my dad had the worried look. I had some tears in my eyes. My dad came and hugged me."ur mom will never do such a thing, she loves you daring." Jerry came with a big sandwich in his mouth, he had another sandwich in his hand, and Pepsi in the other hand. "Haha u will get as fat as the door!" I said laughing. I don't know what might happen if he is alone with  a full trolley with foods. Certainly he will swallow the trolley with it! 

"Hi dad" he says while trying to swallow in his mouth. "H son, why don't you go with your friends in this two weeks, and you my angel.." As he turns toward me'"guess what?" "What dad?" U are gonna stay with your cousin Louis!" Omg! I miss that fellow! "Thanks dad! You are the world to me!" He smiles while I hugged him. I gave him a kiss in the check and went packing my stuff.

Dad pov:

kids had grow to men and women now. I think I have the best kids ever. Feeling proud enough. I looked at Martha pic. How beautiful she was. I wish if she stayed to see how our child's grew. And now iam gonna go and make a sandwich. Omg iam too HUNGRY!

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