The Unimaginables with Louis Tomlinson

You request. I write. That simple.


2. Sample - Soul Surfer

"No! That's not how you do it!" Someone yelled from the shore. I turned around to see a boy wearing a full surf suit running toward me. He splashed into water next to me and snatched my surf board before sassily asking, "What the hell do you think you're doing? " "Ummm. I'm teaching myself how to surf," I replied with a mumble. "Well, stupid. If you do it that way, you're going to drown yourself," he said with a smirk. "And teaching oneself to surf is pretty challenging. So let's make it easier, and I'll teach you." "But I like challenges," I told him through a sly smile. "Ooh, you daredevil," he taunted. "I'm still teaching you whether you like it or not. I just don't want you to drown."
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