C_O_l_l_A_B_O_R_A_T_I_O_N ▲ C_O_N_T_E_S_T

*Do you have the app kik or tumblr*
*Are you subscribed to ▲New Life▲ and this book

*Why do you want to do a collab*
▲Make a book called: Collaboration LovelyFashion▲

∞ *When book made, notify me on my profile page* ∞

1st place:
will get an 3 advertisements in my blog *Your Fashion[Miss Literati]* and on my tumblr *Nutellahipsterfashion* and much more


1. Basic Info

   I want to do a collaboration with somebody, so I am doing a contest to see who I shall do one with. To compete, you must first fill out the form in the next chapter. Then, you are going to go through the three competitions that decide the contestants to go on to the next round. I will eliminate one third (or approximately one third) of the contestants each round until I have found the ultimate winner. The winner will be my collaboration partner. Good luck, and, as Effie Trinket would say, may the odds be ever in your favor



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