When Annabelle dies, Jacob is desperate to find out why.
Why did she do it?
But with Annabelle still stuck in a portal between life and death, she wants to cover up as many details as possible, before it tears her best friend apart. But with her funeral only days away, is it just too late?


1. Untitled

For a moment, everything was normal. Then it turned to blur. Then everything went too bright too see. 


For a moment I was alive. Then I was half alive. Then I became half dead. 


And, technically, that's the way I will stay for exactly 5 days, 14 hours and 34 minutes.


If people were to ask me questions, I wouldn't refuse. Except for one. "Why?"


Why is this? Because why isn't important. It doesn't matter why it happened, or why I felt that way, or why I didn't get help. Why is completely unimportant now.  It's too late. I committed Suicide. That's the underlying fact.


Being in the portal between life and death gives me a chance to witness what everyone has to say. Except all I hear is people talking about what they could have done to stop it; what they could or couldn't have said.


It's too late now. I committed suicide. That's the underlying fact. I done it. And now all that's important is keeping everything okay for everyone else. 

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