Plan B

This story was inspired by Radioactive - Imagine Dragons. It's about 10 kids who have been genetically engineered to be able to live on another planet: Mars. Originally, the scientists in charge of the project wanted to find a planet for all humans to live on but they failed. So... they went for Plan B.


1. Prologue

It’s the year 2050. Planet Earth is in ruin. The air is unclean, the water is filthy. This planet cannot hold us for long. That’s why a large group of scientists began looking for new planets: planets that could hold the human population. But they failed. The money ran out, our patience ran out and time is running thin.

But like any good plan, there was always a Plan B. If humans could not survive on other planets... then we’d have to make them. For years, a private group of scientists worked for the government in secret to develop a breed of humans that could live on different planets. They failed many times... until finally 10 healthy children were finally ready: 5 girls, 5 boys. They each were genetically engineered and once tested out, worked perfectly. These children are the future. We’re sending them to Mars when they are old enough. But for now... they’re going to live ordinary lives.

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