My One and Only

When Crystal Dyce decides to get away from America, she encounters a member from the world-wide famous boy-band- One Direction. Louis and her bond as friends over countless get-togethers over coffee. One day, she's taken to meet the boys. What happens when Harry starts to fancy her too?


1. Crystal Dyce

Crystal's POV

Today was the day I'd finally get my own car! I'd been saving up for a while now. I needed a car to get around, walking and taking buses were not my thing. I'm 19 and I'm ready to drive! Plus, college and work were not my thing either. We've been learning for the past 16 years of our lives and the world's expecting us to go through four more years? Pfft. Honey, please. 

   "I'm sorry. The models just run out. We will have a new shipment in a couple of months. Though, at this moment, we can reserve a model for you." I sighed in frustration. I'd been saving for this car for 2 years just for them to tell me that they were out? This was not gonna be my day. 

"Alright. I'm fine. I'll just come when the new shipment is in." I tell them, exiting out.

"Please accept our sincerest apologies." the car dealer told me. Yeah yeah. Like you care anyways.


I've been sitting around, being all sad over the car. It was nice and shiny and blue, and not to mention, unavailable. I saw my phone light up with a text from the best boyfriend in the world- Dylan. 

Dylan: Hey babe.

Crystal: Hey babe! 

Dylan: Did you get that car you wanted? [:

Crystal: No... They were out of the model.

Dylan: Too bad.

Crystal: So sad ]:

Dylan: Never gonna feel glad. [:

We always did the rhyming thing whenever I felt bad. I decided to give him a surprise visit. 

    "Babe! I'm here!" I shout walking through the door. My eyes widen at what I see. Dylan, making out... with another girl, on his sofa, the same place we had made out for the first time. I looked around me. The first time I came over, he decorated the house, making sure that no lights were on and put candles everywhere. He had done the same thing for the girl. 

"Who's she?" I ask, tears already forming in my eyes.

"Who's she?" The random girl asks too.

"Umm... a really close friend of mine." Dylan says nervously, trying to cover up his mistake.

"More like girlfriend." I shout.

"Wait. Hold up. She's your girlfriend? I thought you were single!" the girl shouts.

"Esther! Wait! Wait. I'm sorry." he apologizes.


By now I was more mad than furious. I walked up to him. I raised my right leg, the one that was strongest, and kicked him square in his balls. Esther walked towards him after my actions, becoming more brave and slapped him once with her right hand then punched him square in the face. You could see the pain that we had brought upon him. I giggled suddenly at his pain.

"Well, we're through!" I said, I don't see a reason why I should mourn over him when obviously, I wasn't good enough for him.

"And I don't think I need to tell you what's on between us. Just in case you're too stupid to catch on, nothing. Nothing's going on between us." Esther adds on.

We both walk out onto the streets. It got pretty awkward. 

"Soo..." I say ,starting the conversation.

"Do you wanna get coffee?" Esther asks. She was smiling. I then realized how pretty she was. No wonder Dylan cheated on me with her. She was really pretty. She had brown highlights with black hair. Streaks of dull red popped out everywhere. Her hair was shoulder length while her eyes were a dark, hazel, brown. She was taller than me but only by 2 inches. I smiled at her. She was just as friendly as me and she felt the same way about Dylan as me.

"I couldn't think of anything better!" I reply, laughing.

Esther's POV

Crystal was gorgeous. She had blonde hair that fell somewhere in between her shoulders and her butt. She had put her hair in a ponytail. she was obviously American and she had emerald green eyes that shines when she laughed. I grew kinda jealous of her looks before I decided to get to know her better.

Crystal's POV

Esther and I had been talking for 3 hours at the restaurant now. 

"Maybe I should be karma for a day."

"Maybe WE should be karma for a day." She suggested, laughing.

"Sometimes I feel like I need a break from America and all it's players with it."

"Then go live somewhere else!"


"Ireland, England, or Canada. Who knows?" Esther offers.

"Ya. I mean I have alot of money for it. I should go to England. Live there for two years or something." I grinned.

"Yup! You really should go!" Esther and I had become really good friends.

"AND YOU CAN GO WITH ME!" I giggled.


I can't believe we're doing this. We're actually going to England. Our home was already waiting for us, pre-purchased. It was fully furnished and everything should be in place. 

     We're in England. ENGLAND! Over the one month, Esther and I lived together. See how each other's life-styles were so we wouldn't fight or anything. It'd been about three days since we got here and it was busy. Esther quickly found work being an interior designer. She designed the insides of houses and the pay was really good. She said I didn't have to work or anything because it was the money for the car I was going to buy that got us here. We still had about 15,000 dollars left inside of the bank account. Esther and I had gone for a full day of shopping and new clothes. We left most of our clothes back in the U.S. because we wanted moving to England to truly feel like we were starting over again. We stopped at the front of our door. There was the refrigerator we had ordered because the other one was crappy and I'm pretty sure that there was a family of squirrels living in there. We didn't get the best house on the block. The reason we got it so cheap was because no one had ever been in it for a long time. We had to fix it up. the land lord exaggerated how he said it was ''fully furnished'' but we didn't care. We're actually excited to fix it up. I was carrying three buckets of paint while Esther carried kitchen utensils.

"How in the world?" I whisper. The fridge was huge! Not to mention heavy.  

"Common let's go!" Esther said, setting her stuff down and putting my stuff down too. 

"I'll open the door from the back." She said hopping over the fence. Soon she opened the door. She left the door open and ran out through the back and hopped over the fence to help me push the fridge in.

"1...2...3... GO!" We got it over the small door ledge.

"1...2...3...GO!" I shouted. We managed to get it over the door ledge and into our run-down home.

"Should I go ask the neighbor's to see if they have one of those thingies that you can put the fridge on and it makes it easier to lift?"

"Yeah. I'll keep on pushing." Esther says, already pushing.

I don't want to leave her alone for too long so I run to the house on the right. 


No answer. I quickly run to the next house on the left of us and knock. A boy that looks about 20 answers the door. He had brown hair and his eyes were light blue... but almost grey? 

"Hello!" I smile. He automatically smiles back.

"Hello, love! How can I help you?" 

"Hello! We just moved in and we have this really big refrigerator. And when I mean really big, I mean REALLY BIG! And we were wondering if you had something that makes it easier to get it to where we want it to. Maybe a cart or something?" I inform him while he laughs. I tilt my head to the right side. I do that when I'm nervous or when I'm confused.

Still laughing he asks," Are you American?" 


"I'm Louis." The boy says, handing his hand out, for me to shake it. I shake it and quickly reply," Crystal."

"Unfortunately, Crystal, I don't have that."

"Oh. Sorry to bother you!"

"You're fine. I'll see you around, yeah?" he asks.

"Indefinitely." I reply back shouting, already heading to the house entrance.


"What took you so long Crystal?" she asks.

"I met this boy. And the house on the right didn't answer." I inform her.

"A BOY?!" I rolled my eyes at Esther's reply.

"You're blushing." 

"That's because I was running to the houses."

"It isn't that far away."

"So?" I spit back, trying to calm my face. 

Louis' POV

I was pretty bored. The boys were all busy with their girlfriends or they were all busy with trying to get a girlfriend. Eleanor was busy modeling. And I was alone, at home. I flick aimlessly through the channels until I hear two short, urgent knocks. I get up, stuff one of my hands in my sweatpants while opening the door with another. There stands a girl that has long, bright, blonde hair. She had sparkling green eyes. Absolutely beautiful. She looked about... 18? 

"Hello!" she smiles. I smile back. I decide I like this girl. She seems happy. She'd be a good friend.

"Hello, love! How can I help you?" I ask. My hands were getting sweaty. Why was I nervous. There was nothing to be nervous about."

""Hello! We just moved in and we have this really big refrigerator. And when I mean really big, I mean REALLY BIG! And we were wondering if you had something that makes it easier to get it to where we want it to. Maybe a cart or something?" She asks. 

"Are you American?" I asked. I didn't sense any British accent. 

"Yup!" she said, still smiling.

"I'm Louis!" I smiled back, stretching out my hand, indicating for her to shake it.

"Crystal." She replies back.

I remembered what she came here for.

"Unfortunately, Crystal, I don't have that." I told her.

"Oh. Sorry to bother you!" She apologizes.

"I'll see you around, yeah?" I ask.

She nods and shouts behind her shoulder," Indefinitely." and runs off.

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