Moments Like This

Nothing is ever expected. How bout meeting your favorite boy band of all time though? Maybe losing your best friend along the way? Nothing is ever what it seems and maybe, after everything, after all the heartache, something good will come of it.


1. Tough Luck

The boys are my world. My inspiration. I would be nowhere without them. If it weren't for them, I wouldn't be the person I am now. The under-over achieving, almost high school graduate. Their names are Louis, Liam, Zayn, Harry, and Niall, aka,  my Boo Bear, Batman, DJ Malik, Cupcake and the Irish Snowflake. They gave me a chance to show the world who I am, and what I can do. To show that I'm not the quiet girl who sits in the back of the classroom, but that I'm the spontanious girl who loves to be loud. Even though I haven't met them yet, like every otther fangirl of this generation, I knew I was meant it be with at least one of  them.


"Be the tenth caller to win two front row tickets and VIP passes for One Direction!" The radio announcer from station 95.7 pretended to sound excited.


VIP. Passes. ONE DIRECTION...MY BABY BRITS...Er Irish! I woke up from my mid-moment slumber while doing homework and bolted up from my desk chair, only to be reawoken, and also to find my phone.


I have to get those tickets!  I thought as I gripped tightly onto my phone, in which I found under my comforter, causing me to slightly crack my One Direction phone case. I quickly dialed in the number the radio host was pronouncing out and the phone was ringing. The urge of excitement powered through me as I heard the voicce, feeling like I really was the tenth caller... not. "Sorry, you are the ninth caller. Please try again."

"WHAT! After all this time, trying to win tickets for eight months, and I'm the ninth caller!" I yelled, throwing my math text book across the room. I was shocked, devastated, and ready to give up.


"Ahhhhhhhh! I'M GOING TO SEE ONE DIRECTION! I"M GOING TO FINALLY MEET MY BABIES" I heard the 'lucky girl' say. I rolled my eyes in disguist to the familiar voice.


"Yes, you are. What's your name? And also, calm down, the entire state can hear you," The radio announcer said, displeased by this girl's excitement.




I have a friend named Arianna. I thought sternly a this coincedence.


"Arianna Hanson."


"Well congrats Arianna, we'll just send you a text on your phone, giving you the information, see you at the upcominig concert."


Oh my god! That's Arianna. That's my best friend!  I was shocked beyond belief and couldn't control myself.  I was in such a phase that I didn't even hear my phone ringing and vibrating in my hand.

"H-hello," I said, struggling to hold the phone, trying to cover the devastation with excitment.

"Jasmine! You won't believe this but I-"


"Just won tickets for One Direction. I heard." I said, slightly cold.


"Yeah! Aren't you so excited?!?"


"Of course, tell the boys I love them and have a great time..." Did she even care how badly I wanted those tickets?


"You're kidding me, right Jaz??? I got these tickets for us!"


 I snapped out of my trance, for a moment, just to go back into a shock. I swear I was gonna have a heart attack sooner or later. "What?!? For Real?!? Oh Ari, you're the best! I freaking love you!" I sqeualed like a manic.


"Yeah, I know. It wouldn't be any fun without my best friend silly!

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