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1. First Ever...

I'd like to say hi, and thank you for reading this!


Now, it's Friday, and all I want to do is look forward to the weekend, so sit back and relax as I mention the FIRST EVER STORY to be rated here.


So, this story is sweet and unique, and guess what? It's written by my fellow author, WatchMeDream13!

It is called A Cupcake Fairytale, and it's about a girl who enjoys fantasy worlds and her mum's excellent baking. You must read it! I'd give this story an 8/10 because there maybe could have been a bit more information added, and a few more chapters.


Thank You, and don't forget....NEW REVIEWS EVERY FRIDAY!!!

(Sorry this has been so short, but I made a promise that'd I'd get the first one out on Friday. Further ratings will be better, promise.)


TazmaniaGirl xox

PS. If you guys want me to mention any great stories, please comment. No One Direction stories though, because it's not fair on authors who've made up stories from scratch, and have spent AGES on them.

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