"New Things, New Beginning"

When Carmelle and her family along with her BFF's family moved to Chicago things become different a new school new friends to meet. They start there 2nd year of highschool in Chicago. But most of all they adventure begins in Chicago. (umm 1D is in the story but they are just popular kids but not a band)


1. New town. New things.

Oh yah my name is Carmelle. My family just moved from Massachusetts to Chicago also my BFF'S moved to Chicago were just neigbors im really happy about that we will go at the same school.

Aliza: OMG! Girls! its Chicago. So where will we explore first?

Trixie: MALL!!!

Shaina: Yess! we so need to where new clothes for the start of school!

Carmelle: Well come on girls lets go Julianne and Shaina go ride with my Mitsubishi Pajero GLX 3.2 DiD auto

 Aliza: (finishes Carmelle's sentence) While Trixie and Tiffani come with me in my black range rover! why do need to be so detailed about ur car!?

Carmelle: Cause I want to hehehehe...!!!


Carmelle: What do you think if I buy this blue tanktop, red floral sleeveless sheer blouse, pink and sky green colored pants and glow in the dark and red low cut converse??

Sophia: Nice! I like it u should buy it!

(shopped for 2- 4 hours)

After shopping we bought shaved ice! It's so hot!

Tiffani: Can we go to the park please!!!

Carmelle: U really like parks don't u?!

Tiffani: Ofcourse who doesn't its so beautiful!

Sophia: ENVIROMENTALIST! Thats what its called duh!

Aliza: hahahahaha! (bumps to someone) I am so sorry. I'm such a fool!

Guy (Niall): Nah! It's okay love. By the way wats your number?

Aliza: (keeps blushing) ummm.. here. Bye!! See you around!

Niall: K! bye love! (to myself) She's so pretty. So natural. I know we only meet her but I know theres something special about her!



Liam: Ur falling for that girl! U just meet!

Niall: SHUT UP!

Liam: (puppy dog eyes) Sorry Nialler!

Niall: K! Come on! Zayn is waiting for us in Starbucks!

*Going to the park*

Aliza's P.O.V

I just can't stop thinking about him. The more I think about him. The more I blush.

Trixie: Aliza r u okay?

Aliza: Yah! I'm fine

Trixie: Rate it! 1-100

Aliza: ummm.... 100 (unsure-kind of tone)

Trixie: There is something wong with u!!

Aliza: No way! I said 100

Trixie yah but your tone! I always know when u have problems! NOW TELL ME!!!

Aliza: I will only tell u in the park k! SO HOLD UR ASS FOR NOW! AND CHILL!

Trixie: NO U CHILL! hehehehehehehe just joking!

*At the park*


Sophia: Tell her what Aliza?!

Aliza: (looks anrily at Trixie) umm nothing?!

Sophia: Ohh! Really well if u wont tell Ill tell everybody that WHEN U WERE 1O U.............

Aliza: Fine i'll tell u too! DEAL!

Sophia: Tell the others too or i'll tell then timee WHEN U WERE 10 U!!....

Aliza: Oh! can u just shut up! K call the others! (after everybody comes) huh..... K i'll tell u trixie and guys y I was blushing hard in the car if u noticed!. K remeber that guy that I bumped in the mall just today! (everyone says uhuh!) I like him! there I said it! HAPPY!

Carmelle: That's it!

Aliza: What do u mean! "THAT'S IT"

Carmelle: When I said that I ment "OHHH OKAY!"

Aliza: PEACE!

Tiffani: If thats it! lets just play in the swings! then?!

-After playing in the park. We went home! TIRED,EXHAUSTED AND HAPPY!

No one's P.O.V

It was night time but the bestiezz! where still awake Facetiming!

Carmelle: So as u guys! can see Wat outfit should I wear for the first day of 2nd year highschool! Outfit 1:

blue tank top, pink colored pants, glow in the dark low cut converse


Outfit 2:

red floral sleeveless sheer blouse, sky green colored pants, red low cut converse

Aliza: ummm! OUTFIT 1! just wear outfit 2 in the second day of school! 

The others: OUTFIT 1!

The whole time we were choosing clothes to wear for the firt day of school! We ended right about 9:45 p.m then we all drifted to sleep.






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