Leave Me Behind

Um I really don't know how to tell you about the story. But its a Zayn Malik fan fiction. So enjoy.


1. Any time for me

The sunlight flickered in my eyes, I yawned and rolled over. The satin sheets smelt strongly of alchohol and cigarettes.

"Morning beautiful"

"Morning baby" I smiled kissing him on the lips

"Last night was amazing" he laughed pulling me on top of him

"I love you Zayn"

"I love you too Ells".

That was right I was in bed with Zayn Malik. He was my boyfriend of almost a year. We were in love. My life was perfect.




"Do you have a reservation sir" the blonde haired girl at the counter asked Zayn

"No but I'm sure we can work something out" Zayn smiled taking his sunglasses off

"Zayn Malik oh my god let me take you to your table" the blonde choked.

"Nice work baby" I whispered.


We sat down at our table and ordered breakfast. Zayn was obviously turning a lot of heads because well he is Zayn Malik of One Direction. It wasn't long before two girls came over to us.

"OMG your Zayn Malik wow this is so AMAZING" one of them squealed

"Can you sign this please?" the other girl asked shyly.

Zayn signed the piece of paper and the girls left.

"So I've been looking at apartments near your place" 

"Cool but I've been thinking that um *ring ring* sorry babe I'll just be a sec, hold that thought".

Zayn answered his phone and our food came I started eating. Zayn put his phone down

"Sorry sweetie I have to go 1D meeting I'll meet you at lunch I love you" he said kissing me on the lips.

I sighed yet again I came second to his band One Direction.


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