its a imagine...


1. imagineNiall


 you are sitting on nialls lap,facing him. you two kiss each other and smile while you kiss. you know he has to go back on tour so you two spend quality time together. he only came for two weeks during the tour because he had those two weeks off and he knew you had university.

you:' i enjoyed spending time with you but its sad that you have to leave again....'

niall:"yeah i know babe,but i cant disappoint the fans"

you:'i know that but i don't want you to leave me again,please don't leave me again" and you start crying.

niall:'im so sorry baby,really i am but i promise you,i promise you that ill fly you up to me when you are on holiday. i promise you.' and he gets teary eyed.


niall:'i love you my angel'

you:'i love you too.' and you cry. he just holds you tightly in his arms.

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