about a girl who runs away and bumps into a special blue eyed blonde haired boy...
this is my first movella. hope you like it!!!!!!!


1. Running

Vanessa's POV



"yes dad"

"Come here!"

Another normal day at my house. my dad started beating me after my mom died 2 years ago. I have 2 friends. Makayla and Brianna. Makayla is tall with brown frizzy hair and brown eyes. Brianna is short with blackish brown curly hair with bluish green eyes. They sort of look like twins. Now back to my dad.

"dad, is everything okay?" I say

" NO! Everything is not okay!"

"What's wrong?"


I cry out in pain as  he slaps me. Hard. As he is repeatedly punching me I decide that enough is enough. I get up and punch him straight in the face, knocking him out. I walk out without any of my stuff and start running until I collapse. Then I get up and start running again afraid he will find me. As I am running I bump into someone with the bluest blue eyes I've ever seen.

"Hello" he says in a weird accent

"Hi" I say back.




please give me feed back so I know what to do better. also what should I call u guyz????????? I need a nickname for you. BTW I know it was short but I will make the next one longer



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