Daughters Of Death

This is the story of four extraordinary girls. They wasn't the same as the other girls. They were dangerous but beautiful. They had jobs to do as well. They were deaths daughters. What happens when things change for them. Especially a certain daughter?


1. My life

I am Rosalinda Lily Layla. I live in a house with my three sisters. I guess you could say its a quite rich but its not too fancy. Well everyone thinks its haunted but its not. Your expecting me to say now that is a dark and creepy house. No its not. Its has four floors. Bottom floor we have our kitchen, living room, dinning room, a couple of bathrooms and a indoor swimming pool. Yeah crazy how no one wanted this place? next floor is the study and my sisters  Brianna Elizabeth Layla and Maria Samantha Layla rooms. Next floor is the hobby room where we have our instruments, drawing equipment and a few microphones. There is also my room and my other sister Amelia Amber Layla. Then the fourth floor is just the attic where we keep stuff we need to keep a secret like stuff to do with deaths or just stuff we don't.

Well we are sisters in a way I guess. We aren't blood related really. We have died. We died but death chose us to be his daughters. He gave us a bit of a different look before he brought us back to earth so no one could recognize us. He gave us a job on a town to watch over. Sometimes dads too busy so we deal with the deaths or if someone escapes dads plans we create a new plan for them that is a bit worse. Brianna was the first daughter. She died at the age of seventeen when Brianna and her family was in a car accident and sadly she didn't make it. Now she had clear pale skin with rib length red straight hair.She is beautiful but a lot of people find her weird because she doesn't talk to a lot of people. When she first became deaths daughter she had loads of friends but then one day she had to take one of her closest friends life away. After that shes hated being close to the humans because she doesn't want to get attached to them. After Brianna was Maria. Maria died when she was eighteen. She hated her life. She got picked on constantly. She was finally fed up and she took her own life but now she has slightly tanned skin and curly blonde hair that is a bit after her shoulders. Her eyes are a amazing blue that guys fall in love with. Shes the one everybody love but little did they no shes the one who takes lives in the town. The third daughter is Amelia Amber Layla. She is a bit weird. You wouldn't expect me to say this but she is really happy and hyper. She has light pink hair that she backcombs so it looks pretty messy but good too. She has brown eyes that look almost black. Her skin is as pale as the snow. She wears a lot of black eyeliner but its thicker on her eyelids. I meets at the edge of her eyes then flicks away. Then she has light pink lips that's only a little darker than her hair. She died when she was seventeen like Brianna but she had been to a concert that night. She was walked across the road giggling behind her friends but then she heard her friends scream but then she was hit by a speeding car. It was too late for the hospital to save her. She was fragile enough. Last there was me. I became deaths daughter a couple of months ago. I have long curly black hair with ghostly white skin. I have ocean blue eyes with light pink lips. My hair almost reach's my hips. A couple of months ago I went to the lake with my friends. They aren't scared of anything and we loved to play dares. At one point someone dared me to jump in the lake. I didn't want to do it but I knew if I backed out they would give me a hard times. So I did it. I jumped in but never came back up. It felt like something was pulling me down. I tried so hard to get back up to the surface but I couldn't the more I tried the more I  sank to the bottom. When I was at the lakes floor I tried to kick hard at the floor to send my self back up. It only made deep scratches in my legs. I couldn't hold my breath any longer. I tried to scream and breath but it only made the water flood into my mouth. I remember how I could feel my self drifting away as I could here my friend faint screams above the surface. My best friend Jack jumped in but it was too late. I watched over them crying at my body as my friend made a few calls where my parents showed up. They screamed and cried. My friends covered for me say I  fell in but I didn't come back up. My parents hate the fact we do crazy dares and I know they wouldn't want to know it was a dare. They took my body away and they all cried together. I turned around and came face to face with death. It scared me but I didn't show my fear. He talked to me how I could be one of the chosen few to start a new life with three other girls. If I didn't except I would go up to heaven. I took the deal because I had only lived for so long. I never go the chance to live.  My last name was changed to Layla and I was introduced to the girls. My first person I sent to heaven was a little girl the age of five. It killed me. She was so scared and she had no one. When I do this I am hidden from everyone but the person. I help them up take their name and show them their way up to their heaven. This little girl though It killed me inside I locked my self in my room for a few days and wondered whether I should have taken this deal. Death came and talked to me telling me how its better we do or they would be wondering around earth scared, alone and lost. I felt better then. I am the youngest anyway I died when I two days after I turned sixteen so I get treated as a baby even though we all look the same age and we are all in the same year. I like being treated like the baby in the family I don't know why it just feels better the fact I have people looking after me. My parents were always at work when I was alive before. Anyway thats how my life started. Again. 

I am  Rosalinda Lily Layla and I am deaths daughter. I am feared by many but not a lot of people know I am one of their worst fears.

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