She will be loved

Mark was the man of Molly's dreams. After he'd passed away,Molly tried to recreate the memory's shared with Mark,through other boys. Fed up of being screwed over by all the other boys,Molly decides to give in. But can teenage heartthrob , Harry Styles change her mind?


1. Just Another One;


Molly's POV:

"Molly,babe,wait!" I remember his sharp tone in the distance. 

"Wait for what Tim? What!" I called,my voice raising,causing neighbours to draw their curtains slightly to see what the fuss was about. 

Tim grabbed my shoulders and shook me slightly. "I love you Mols" He blurted out,his alcohol stained breath causing me to jump back in disgust as those 4 words were said. 

"Just get out of my life. We're through" Once again,I'd had to say those words,to yet another boy who had screwed me over. I felt my shoulders relax as Tims grip was taken of my shoulders,I watched as he walked off,his fists punching the cold air. 

Now I sat alone in my bedroom,staring up at the ceiling,recalling the drama that I call my life. I'm 16 and have had many boyfriends,but fortunately have never been called any harsh words,yet. I looked round my bedroom at the dozen of pictures that took up the space on my walls. I got up of the bed and walked round,looking at every picture. Some were me with family, many with friends,but most with boys. A tear slowly trickled down my flushed red cheek when I spotted that picture of Mark. Mark was my first and best boyfriend,He made me so happy and I loved to be around him. In this picture, my back is gently lent against Marks left shoulder, his hand is gripped tight around my waist and we're both laughing. The photo was taken on a beach somewhere, until this day I still can't remember where it was. A year after that picture was taken in 2011,Mark developed lung cancer,he stayed in hospital 24/7 and on the second time I visited him,he admitted that it would be best if we split. I agreed with him and he remained a really good friend to me. I still remember the day that he passed away on that warm summers day. Ever since that day I was determined to recreate Mark through the other boys I date,but somehow all the boys I've dated so far have all stood me up,in some cases,I realise none of them have never actually ever loved me. So its time to give up. 

My phone made me jump as it vibrated on the side. 'One new text!' It read. I opened the text. Maddie.  

 'on my way over,don't moan'  It read.

I sent back a smiley face with a 'K' and left it at that. Maddie was my best friend, she was small and had thick,golden curls,her cheeks were always rosy and she had the best sense of humour that never failed to cheer me up.

Maddie arrived in no later than 10 minutes, I smiled as I opened the door and she embraced me in a warm hug. 

"you okay?" she said,flashing me a half smile. 

"Just another one" I said as a fake laugh escaped my mouth. She looked at me directly in the eyes.

"I don't want anything to do with a man ever again" I said a silent tear,falling out of my eyes. Maddie wiped the tears away and shook her head. She walked into my house and found some Ben and Jerry's in the fridge, she grabbed two spoons and jumped down on the sofa. "So,thanks for inviting me round!" I said,laughing and she joined in too. "sleep round?" I suggested. 

"Sure,is that okay with your Mum?" She asked. 

"Out,at a friends,won't be back till later tomorrow." 

Maddie nodded her head and switched a film on,half way through the film Maddie dozed off. I switched the telly off,found a blanket and wrapped it over her,switched the light off and went to bed myself. 














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