Brandon Gester is a ex-detective, now living in Spain with his ex-detective wife, Scarlet. They have decided not to work on another case again for the sake of their children. But soon they find themselves in a situation where family makes them change.

"and the third, well you’ll find out sooner or later..."


1. Parents


...“My Dad was killed by that filthy animal, Max”, said Sophie to Curls.”And I will avenge him even if death tries to stop me”...

“Yes, that is the perfect way to start the book”, said Brandon to himself. “Spain’s bestseller I hope”. He stops typing and starts browsing the net for ideas.

 Brandon Gester had recently left his job to start writing books, his job as a detective. He was one of the best, the perfect person for an undercover work. 

Books were a passion and he was still an amateur but he didn’t want anything to do with his past.

 He has Brown shady hair with brown eyes and light brown skin. His origin was half Nepalese and half Spanish. He was the type of man that women would do anything to get. He was ‘ripped’ as many say. He was only 22 when he joined and was a challenge to many people.

After 3 years he had met the perfect women for him when working on homicide case. They were working together on the case of the boy that had his neck slit in the alleyway. Brandon’s personal favourites were alleyway cases. The boy’s case was what bought them together. This eventually led them to marry and have twins, Alex and Marc. Only 5 years after this Brandon left his job because he knew he was putting his family in danger by doing this however to the world he said he was tired of being a detective. The amount of people he put in jail were bound to come back and hunt him down. His wife, Scarlet felt the same way, so they decided to move to Spain. They live in Brandon’s late grandparent’s house. He would often get calls from his work asking him to solve some cases but he disagreed.      

“Writing that book again, are you?” asked Scarlet, tying back her long, black hair. Her smile stretched across her face lighting up her bright blue eyes.

Marc and Alex came running into the room playing tag. Both of them have brown hair and brown eyes. They came into the room with huge smiles on their face making them look like angles. The only difference between them is that Marc’s nose was bent a bit to the left and his eyes a bit bigger.

“Come on boys, time to get into bed you have tuition tomorrow with Uncle Laurence”, said Scarlet

“Yes Mom” replied the boys going towards the toilet to brush. Scarlet followed them to make sure they brushed properly.

The room was in silence as Brandon was thinking about his book.

 “Tring Tring, Shania calling, Tring Tring”, beeped Brandon’s phone into life. “Why is she calling me at this time, I thought I left that job time ago” says Brandon. Shania was the boss of DIC, the company Brandon was working for. He walks towards his phone ever so slowly and picks it up with anger.

“I thought I told you not to call me ever again I am not interested in ...”

“It’s an A-way case and the killer could be related to your parents’ murder. This is your chance to solve your parents unsolved case”, says Shania

“It’s an Alleyway case? What? Who is it? When was it? How is it related?” shouts Brandon with a mixed feeling of perplex and anger.

“You know I can’t tell you the details unless you are in the base” says Shania reminding Brandon.”It’s your choice you don’t have to come but if you are then you have to come with Scarlet. Detective Investigating Crime needs you but more importantly you probably want it”

“I don’t know what to do” answers Brandon.

“Tell me by tomorrow morning, I’ll book a flight for you and Scarlet for tomorrow evening at 1900. The choice is yours.”

She puts the phone down and so does Brandon. He’s eaten alive by the bewilderment of going or not going and remembering the commitment he made 8 years ago.

“Who was that Bran, hun?”

“Scar, it’s an A-Way case” whispers Brandon

“An Alleyway case, but you told me you were never going to do another case again so are...”

“Quiet down the boys...” whispers Brandon

“They are asleep, anyway about the case...”

It’s related to my parent’s death” interrupts Brandon.

“What mum and dad’s death?” questions Scarlet.

“Yes my parents, that’s why I don’t know what to do, I don’t want to break my commitment but it’s regarding my mum and dad”

“If you go, do they want me to come to?”

  “Yes and that’s what is bothering me to because they normally don’t put us on cases together because we are too good so they tend to split us. This could suggest that the case is really big”.

      The silent night progressed on as Brandon and Scarlet were stuck in the thought of the A-Way case 

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