Wilmer Fillius

A boy named Wilmer Fillius has joined a school, Gitrotings School, for Magic and Sorcery.


1. Quintence and Thomas

"Ah, hello, Thomas.", an old, white-haired man, had said.

"Yes, Quintence?", a rickety, old, bald and wrinkled man had replied.

"Our times, are running out."

"Yes, perhaps, Quintence."

"Shall we, Thomas?"

"We shall, Quintence."

As the old men both showed their palms to a granite rock stalactite, a bolt of orange-tan; and green-blue were blended, circling, hovering around the granite rock. Then, one of them said,

"Serbitiate, risteria!"

After that, the cave they were in, collapsed.

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