Three Words...

When you lose your best friend...Think about how much your losing, Before there gone.


1. A Memory I Can't Forget...

Avery's POV

-Flash Back-

"Catch me if you can!" I yelled out to Liam, I ran behind a bush hoping he wouldn't see me. I looked over the bush and he wasn't there so, i slowly got up when,

"Rawr!!" he shouted behind me.

'Ahhhh!' i yelled startled. We laughed, then

"LIAM!" His mum yelled from his house

"I gotta go" He said frowning.

"Bye" i yelled as he ran home. I started climbing up the ladder to a tree-house Liam's dad made for us ( ) i lay down on the pillow grabbed the blanket and went to sleep.

-End Of Flash Back-

I woke up by the sound of my alarm clock playing "She's Not Afraid" By the one and only One Direction,  and i waited for Liam's part. I missed him so much, i frowned at the thought. I kept thinking about my dream... i wish i could go back to then. I couldn't dream about him anymore i mean, he's a star now has a girlfriend. I even doubt he remembers me anyway. I have no time for this, I got changed into ( ) and rode my bike, while riding i kept thinking about my dream, UGH! I hate that i keep thinking about him, He ruined our friendship. Tears began streaming under my eye's, i'm just lucky i don't wear makeup. once i got to school i chained my bike to one of the metal bars, grabbed my bag and began walking into the school. i walked through the hall and spotted, The Blonde's, Danielle, Emily and Ebony, near my locker laughing. I ignored them and opened my locker 13, 27, 30 and a note fell out i picked it up and read it " Freak" i scrunched it up in anger and chucked it on the ground grabbed my books and slammed my locker closed, i wasn't in the mood for this. I always got this everyday, But today i just didn't wanna deal with it, As today was also the day that One Direction was visiting our school for some kind of fundraiser and to make it better i have music today which also means that 5 of us will get paired with each of the boys of well, One Direction. 

-Bell Rings-

Great! Music is first, i walk in and almost became deaf. I like One Direction there music is good also i'm just still mad after what Liam out me through. I sat down in the back so Liam wouldn't notice me, and lucky for me he didn't. Everyone sat down and the boys sat at the front

"Ok, Good afternoon Student's, Today as you can see we have our guests One Direction here, and for today's music assignment you get to sing a song with your partner paired by me and 5 of you will be lucky enough to be paired with one of them.ok so your partners are...."Miss.Elegnar Countinued on but i wasn't listening up until she said Liam's name

"Liam and....A...ubrey" She said and countinued on with the pair's i sighed in relief then she said my name

"Avery and.....Zayn" Me? partnered up with Zayn one of Liam's clostest best friend's ever which mean's i might even have to go to his house?.....Wish me good luck?


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