Nightmares to reality *Daryl Dixon*

Victoria Marshall was having these dreams for four years. Her parents thought it was some crappy teenager drama. Now, it finally came true. Know how she and his brother would survive in this apocalypse. *The Walking Dead Fan Fiction*


1. I Knew it

Blood, rotten body parts and darkness are all I can see. I looked around the place. Seems like i'm at the woods. "Hello? Anyone in here? I'm not looking for any harm!"I shouted quietly as possible. I heard something, something that disappointed me so much that I  took my dagger out. I turned around and saw a 'walker'   and stabbed it in the face. I withdrew my dagger as it collapsed to the ground. "Tori!" I turned around, I saw nothing  "Tori! Tori!" it said louder. "Who are you? Show yourself " I gripped my dagger as firmly as possible. "Tori! Tori! Wake up!" I woke up. It was just another nightmare. I sighed as I looked at my older brother Mason. "Thank God you finally woke up. You were grunting and  looking for someone. Are you still having the same dream?" I nodded as I wipe the sweats on my face. "What is it this time?" he asked. "I was asking for help and looking for survivors and all I saw was a 'walker' and stabbed it with my dagger, then you woke me up." he smiled and held my hand. "I believe you." I sighed. Our parents thought I was a teenage girl with mental problems. They say I make it all up so I can distract them from work and spend time with them. We are pretty much rich because we own a company. Mom and Dad both work there as President and Vice President. They don't really spend time with us so I never felt their love even though they buy us the things we want. I never considered them as my family. My only family is Mason. "Thank you." I smiled at him. He gently patted my back and went to his bed. I started having these dreams since I was 16. Now that I'm 20,it's pretty much normal to the both of us. I dream about this 5 times a week  in average. Since then, I got paranoid and started hiding my bow and arrows at  school. Of course, no one knows -except my brother- and I keep it in my locker. Our university lockers are pretty big, honestly. A person can hide there without being crushed. Seriously. I even bought 2 pistols, machete , 2 silencer and a shotgun. All of them are pretty much second hand. Where did I get all that money? I saved up all (Literally) my money and all I asked for my parents on birthdays and Christmas are cash. All of it. Since my parents are rich, they give me money that I needed to buy all of that and almost thousands of ammo. I might be exaggerating a bit, but you get the point. Mason contributes some money that he afforded a second hand Colt Python. I'm dead serious here. I hide all of my guns on my closet. My parents doesn't really care about my personal spaces so they don't really know. I hide half of my ammo under my bed and half on my locker. I also saved up some canned goods and bottles of water and also hid it on my locker. Yes. My locker is pretty much full. There are no books and other things there. Just all of those. I kept my eyes close to sleep again but it protested until I just gave up. The alarm goes beeping as I slammed my hand to it. I looked at Mason to see if he's awake. Still sleeping. I poked him on his sides as he playfully laughed and smacked my hand away. "Stop it! I'm awake!" he said. We both laughed and did the things we need to do everyday. I changed into this and brought my dagger and pistol with me in my bag. I went off with Mason. The weather was bad. It didn't rained but the sky was gray and thunder strikes everywhere. "This is not good." I mumbled to myself. I had a dream about this but I couldn't remember all of it. All I can recall was this weather and the virus finally spread. We walked to the university where we both attend. Mason knows how to drive but he doesn't own one. Mom and Dad said he'll get a car when he's 22. We said goodbyes to each other as the bell rings. I've waited until people finally entered their own classes and went straight to my locker. I checked my luggage of clothes & water and My bag pack of food & ammo are untouched. My crossbow and arrows shiny as ever. I smiled and closed my locker shut. I went to my first class and people were chatting and murmuring. I sat on my seat and asked Audree, my seat mate, what they were talking about. "It's about a virus that just spread all over the world. They say it's pretty dangerous that it can kill you." shivers went down to my spine. "Shit. I knew it. But this can't be." I cursed. "What? What can't be happen Tori? What are you talking about?" she asked. Robyn walked to the class. He was literally dragging his foot and releasing growls from his mouth. His neck was bleeding and I can see his bones and flesh torn apart. His shirt was soaked in his own blood as Marge, his girlfriend, coming towards him. They were about 5 feet apart to be precise. "Hey babe, you okay?" she asked. "Marge no! Get away from him! He's infected!" I shouted at the top of my lungs. all of the people's attention was on us. She was terrified and stepped back that made Robyn chase her. Everyone panicked as I reached for my dagger inside my bag. "What is that? What are you doing?" I ignored Aubree and ran to Robyn's lifeless body. I executed him in his head and everyone gasped. "Look. There's an outbreak and I want all of you to calm down. I've been having these dreams since I was 16. I call those 'walkers' or 'biters' and they're dead, trying to eat us alive." everyone started crying and talking to one another. Others were getting out of the room and started running for their lives. Marge was walking to Robyn's dead and lifeless body. She was crying and holding his hand. I sighed as Aubree talked to me. "Are you serious about this?" she asked. "Yes. I am." she started panicking and crying. People were trying to crowd me up and started asking some questions. I didn't understand what they were saying because all I heard inside my head is 'I have to get my brother.'. I snapped out of it. I really need to get my brother, fast. "I've got to go." I said. Everyone was quiet. "I am not your leader. And I'll never will. I've got to get my brother and my things. My brother is important to me. I'm sorry." I announced. I ran to my locker. Mr. Thompsons, Our principal, was growling and blood dripping on his arm. I stabbed him in the head and reached my pistol from my bag. I opened my locker and grabbed 2 ballpens and a yellow pad paper. I stuffed it on my luggage and ditched my school bag. A walker was maybe 4 feet near me and I shot him in the head using my pistol. People panicked more and screamed really loud. I reached for my bag pack, luggage and crossbow & arrows. I ranto my brother's class. He's gone. Did he turned too? "Tori!" he called. I turned around and hugged him really tight. "I thought you turned too." I whispered. "Hey, you're not the only one bringing daggers here!" he chuckled. I pulled away and smiled for a second. "We've got to go home and get my stuffs." he nodded as we raced to the front gates. There were a couple of walkers about 10 to 15. mason saw a car key and picked it up. He searched for it and started pushing the unlock button as I covered is back. I killed about 5 walkers using my dagger. He finally found it and hurriedly went inside the car. I ran for my life and went inside too. "Isn't this Mr. Thompsons' car?" He nodded and snickered. "Look. It's full of gas! I think we just hit the jackpot!" We laughed as he drove home. "What do you think happened to Mr. Thompsons?" he asked. "He turned. I killed him." I said. "Oh." I bowed down my head. When we reached home, we get off the car and ran through the door. The house was quiet. We went straight to our room and grabbed the ammo bag, Mason's Colt Python, Map, My solar powered chargers, Maps, clothes, 5 gallons of mineral water, a frying pan and all of the instant food in the cabinet. We have a Starex in our garage and we both planned that we'll use it to our travel. There was a gas can in our garage and we started siphoning the gas in Mr. Thompsons' car and loaded everything in the Starex car. Mason started the car and we went off. Where should we go? How is Mom and Dad? Did they turned too? Are they regretting the stuffs they were saying about me? All of these questions spun around my mind as I fell asleep.


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