Not Your Choice

Moving to London is one of the most regretfully decisions Peyton had agreed to. Until she found out her new next door neighbor is the famous Niall Horon. Explore the life of Peyton Sanchez as a newcomer in the world of directioners 101!

(Tell me what you think and what should happen next! :P)


1. Meet the Geek

    Hi I'm Peyton Sanchez A.K.A.  the geek. You know the kid that you see at lunch , sitting at the table... alone and reading. But reading to me is like my own personal world , no bullies, no teachers, no sisters, and especially no PARENTS! As you can tell my life is pretty boring and normal. The one thing that no one wants in life is normal I guess that's why I was the geek in my school. At my school you were labeled either new kid,freak,nerd,cool group,homework helpers, or (like me) the geek.

Not only at school was I known as the geek I was known all around town maybe the world. Here's the story:

"Woah woah that's the way it go-oes" I sang in my room, microphone /hairbrush in hand."I stopped in mid-sentence when I heard a sort of "laugh snort." Just as I heard that I knew who it was. I quickly ran over to my closet pulled back the door and what do you know.... just as I suspected. My little brother crunched up in a ball at the very bottom of my closet. This seemed to happen on a regular basis, my brother Kyle would grab the camera secretly hide in my closet and try video taping me singing or dancing around in my room. But this time the scene looked different.

"That's it! Where's the camera?!" I blurted aloud to Kyle.

"I d-d-don't have it" whispering to me.

"Then why are you in my roooooom!!!!"

This fight went on for awhile but the next day at school I found out the TRUTH. 

"Hey Cece Contago." People teased me as I walked by. I figured I would find out what happened at home so through out the whole day I had to deal with these comments over and over annnd over. When I got home I immediately rushed over to Kyle's room banged on the door and busted in. 

"Kyle what did you do?" I said calmly but firmly.

"What do you mean all I did was post a video on YouTube...." 

"What did that video have on it?" Tapping my feet impatiently. I later found out that Kyle posted a video of me singing in my room and received a little over 200 million hits. To him this could be called his rise to victory but for me his turn was over and now my revenge begins. 

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