A New Life

Brianna is 15 years old. Brianna is going on a trip with her parents to London when something terrible happens. What will happen when she has to live with her brother, who doe doesn't even know?


1. A tragic day

Brianna's P.O.V

i am sitting in a bed, and it is not comfy at all.the walls are white and my arm is KILLING me! There is a bandage on my arm and I poke it... NOT a good idea. I sit up and that's when I notice I'm in the hospital. Memories come flowing back , the plane crashed. I remember taking mom and Dad's pulse, nothing. That's when I start to notice hot tear drops crawling down my face. 

Suddenly a doctor comes in telling my how my arm is and telling my sorry for my loss. All I want to know is where I will go,  a foster home maybe? That's when I get the guts to ask. " where am I going to live? I have no family left! Both of my grandparents are dead and I have no aunts or uncles." He replies quickly " why dear, you still have a big brother!" I didn't know this. That's when I realize I was adopted, it makes sense cause I didn't look like mom and dad.  "Speaking of him," the doctor speaks up " you are free to wait in the lobby, he will be here soon" he starts to leave but then turns around " actually you are only 14 years old, so I will need to wait with you" great, now I have company. But maybe I can figure out who my brother is.  

When we arrive in the lobby, I sit down emediatly.  " doctor, what is the name of my brother?" When I ask him he turns and replies quietly, " his name is Louis Tomlinson.". He is in a band called one direction, and he is 19 years old, you will be living with him and his band mates, in their flat." I only reply with an "ok" because I've never heard of a band called one direction.

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