When You Were There. (Finished)

You're giving a public speech in front of a huge audience of people. Telling them about you're relationship with one of the members of One Direction (Your choice who.) Telling them everything. From the first day you met..to the last. Or is it really?


1. When You Were There.

*You're giving a speech.*


I remember the first time we met.

In a park,

East London.

You knocked into me when you were playing with your friends.

I fell to the ground, and cut my knee.

You were there.


I remember graduating from high school.

Tripping up the stairs after my name was called.

The embarrassment overwhelming me.

You were there.


I remember going to my first job interview.

But then receiving a call a few days later.

I didn't get the job.

You were there.


I remember the day your dreams came true.

You started traveling the world.

You were always busy.

But, you were still there.


I remember our first kiss.

Feeling my back push up against the wall.

Your lips on mine.

You were there.


I remember your fans.

Telling me I'm ugly.

That I don't deserve you.

It's like someone was standing between us.

Trying to tear us a part.

But, you were still there.


I remember  the headlights.

The headlights of the truck that hit us that night.

Waking to see blood rushing down your face.

What if you weren't going to be there for much longer.


And now,

I'm stood here,

in front of all of these people.

Reading out this speech,

Telling them everything.

Your here.


And there's someone stood between us again.

But this time,

They're not telling me I don't deserve you.

The next words this person will say is,  

You may kiss the bride.


And you're here.

You always have been.

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