Love is Eternal

A basic passage of text outlining love, and what it means to a couple, when despite efforts, one is passing on.

This passage is a possible last chapter for an upcoming book that I am currently writing, but I have generalised it to suit a short story, I would be grateful for any advice on how to improve, or just comments in general.


1. Deepness.

She had always felt like she didn’t truly belong, never to someone. Not like this. Not like now. It had never been like this with anyone else. as for him, of course he loved her. How could he not, every part of her seemed to call out to him, almost screaming. Her smell. Her touch. Her sound. Her whole existence. Every fibre of his being wanted to be close to her. He never wanted to leave her presence. Without even being close, electricity flooded through space between them. They could never be separated. Sure, they had had their differences and arguments, who hasn’t, but one thing stayed the same, feelings, longing, love, it was inseparable. You couldn’t see it, or feel it, but it was there. As much as the wind was, or sound and noise. It wasn’t touchable, but that didn’t make it any less real. It would never leave, even when one of them did. It always remained with the ones who believe in it. Nothing could possibly take it away, it’s impossible to take away something that lies so deep. No one can take it away, and so no one can stop it. You can’t help it, you can’t force it. It can only happen on its own accord, and that’s what makes it so strong. That’s what makes it powerful. That’s what makes it impossible to kill, impossible to destroy. In a world full of hate, there will always be room for love. The same goes for his love for her, it had blossomed into something uncontrollable and the same goes for her, there would be no other, there was never going to be anyone else.


Trying to hide it doesn’t help; the truth always makes it way out, always escaping through the lies. There’s no other simpler way of explaining it. Love was love. There was n point hiding it any longer, what’s the point of hiding something that was so beautiful and powerful at the same time. It has the power to save a person, but also the power to kill it. Such a thing cannot be avoided. Such a thing could be hidden for no longer. Things may change, but this is something that will not. He didn’t want to leave, didn’t want to let go, of her, her heart, her soul, her person as a whole. He held her close, not wanting to let go, refusing to leave her. He felt her breath shake underneath him, and felt her gently shiver from a cold that only she could feel, meanwhile, sweat joined his tears on his cheek, that ran down his face. He didn’t bother mopping it away, not wanting to remove any part of himself from her. You could see his back and chest shudder as more tears gathered in his eyes, and wetted his face. Her breath was weakening, lessening in strength with every passing second. There was nothing to do. Nothing to stop it. It just proved that two people so vastly different that they could have came from different worlds, were still able to fight and feel like they belong, together, even though all the odds, even though fate didn’t want to seem to bring them together. No matter if one would pass, their love would never die.


he just wanted her. Her mistakes. Her flaws. Her smile. Her graces. Her curses. He just wanted her. And would never want anything else. He had been told

‘There is a time for everything. From love to hate, to holding on and letting go. As one door closes, another door opens,’ this would be one of those times where he would be told to let go, but he wasn’t ready for that. He couldn’t. Every door seemed to have closed, slammed in his face. He gazed into her eyes, beautiful hazel eyes, eyes full of knowledge and so much more. Youthful, it wasn’t her time; she had barely lived a life. She looked back, eyes that he had fallen in love with, but eyes that had barely known him yet. Silent tears gathered in both sets of eyes. She opened her mouth, as much as she could, preparing herself for speech,

‘I love you.’ He muttered to her before she could say anything, he placed his hand on her cheek, caressing it, sweeping the hair from her face away with his thumb. She smiled gently, a warm, loving smile,

‘I love you too.’ She whispered, her voice cracking slightly, they both smiled through their pain, he learnt down to kiss her, one final kiss, the most passionate of kisses, not wanting to leave. He slowly pulled away, as a last breath escaped her mouth. Her eyes shuttered closed. She was still, motionless. Tears raged through him, he held her close; bring her head to his neck,

‘Don’t go, don't leave...’ he whispered into her hair, with no reply.

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