Winter's Forest

There once kingdom called Libertas, who was ruled by a beautiful Queen, but when war breaks out she is defeated and is forced to hand over her first born child to her enemy. Under the influence of a powerful warlock she cannot have any more children and without an heir she panics. So she seeks the help of a high priestess who tells her to venture to the bottom of one of the two mountains that conceals Libertas from the cruel world, and to plant a seed and every day water it with her own blood. After a month she will receive a son and she names him Alecandas. But when Alecandas acknowledges he has a sister he sets off on a quest to find his sister, who is also planning to assassinate him...


1. Where the snow falls

Not every story begins with once upon a time, in fact that's more like a fairytale, and trust me this twisted tale is far from that. In the 6th century the world crawled with the supernatural; it literally oozed from the surface of the earth itself. Some of them blinded by the power which they possessed. There were many species of magical beings:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 elementist’s, warlocks, witches, shape shifters and many more! They caused such a commotion, yet the mortal world was totally oblivious to the secret world of the supernatural; you see, mortals lack the ability to see any thing that possesses magical blood pulsing through its veins, unless their eyes are cleansed by an extremely powerful and capable warlock. But even if they did manage to find a warlock who would be willing to perform such a task, or even if they found a supernatural being, they usually end up dead or being used for amusement, which is a very painful process.

 In the kingdom of Libertas there was a small village called Tranquilltas in which our story begins. The birds would sing in harmony, and when the flowers would bloom in the spring the whole village would have a heavenly scent of roses and honeysuckle. Everyone would live in peace here; man and man would be friends.

 In the summer children would make use of their time by exploring the outdoors from sunrise to sunset. They would use the advantage of the crystal clear lake which was perfect for cooling off after long summer days.

In the winter the snow would fall like stardust from the heavens, the wind would not be harsh; but soothing. A thick layer of silvery snow would cloak the ground, leaving it looking clean and perfect, so strikingly perfect that travellers would nickname it the ‘land where the snow falls’.

In the autumn the leaves would fall just as eager as the snow would, but instead a silver blanket, the ground would be concealed by a carpet of deep gold's and russet orange's. A beauty which no normal paradise could ever hope of achieving.

In the spring the flowers finally would bloom. There would be fields and fields of roses the colour of the finest wine. The song of birds would be heard in what seemed like eternity, making the most angelic voice sound dull and rusty.

Now where Libertas is situated is even more spectacular than the beauty of the seasons. The kingdom is hidden between two great and imposing mountains; hiding it from the outside world. The only way to gain access to the kingdom is through a day long hike up the mountains, which is constantly being patrolled by capable soldiers which have endured years of training. Which is a great advantage for the kingdom; because it would be terribly difficult for the enemy to even locate the kingdom, let alone invade it or even concur it!

Unlike other powerful kingdoms, Libertas are very fond of their ruler; in fact they completely adore her. There are songs about her beauty, that say she is the most beautiful creature any man has ever set eyes on. She has pale milky skin that is the replica of the fresh untouched snow in the winter and shimmering golden brown hair that is the colour of the crispy autumn leaves. Her eyes are the colour of the fresh grass in the summer, and her lips are the colour of newly bloomed roses in the spring. She has a soft inviting smell of honey suckle that would make any man instantly fall in love. She has an elegance that looks fragile but she is capable of wielding any sword, and if she wishes can kill at least twenty trained warriors single handed. Even though she appeared young and beautiful, she has celebrated over seven hundred years of being on the throne. Since she is of the species elementist's her life span has a far greater expectancy then a normal human life could ever dream of.

Legend has it that she was born of a rare and beautiful flower which only blooms in the darkest of times. They say that this particular flower symbolises hope, and when its delicate petals bloomed, for the first time in thousands of years the world could see the light once more; a light which nor blinded but could not be cancelled out by any other light. The flower which opened in the exact centre of the riot of a kingdom was immediately welcomed and since the last king had died without an heir it was decided that she would be crowned queen. And she has been ever since.



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