Mountaintop Epiphany

I started attending a creative writing group and this is the product from my second time going. We were asked to make a list of places that have been important to us and then to pick one and do a freewrite about it. I chose an abandoned church atop a mountain in a country called the Republic of Georgia


1. Untitled

Fresh air is all around us

As we climbed towards the

Top of a mountain that

Stood before us all.


Sixteen young adults

and two teachers

accompanied by natives

of a country which shares

its name with a state.


You could hear the silent wonder

You could feel the fertile earth

of the lush farmland below

visible through the old trees

as we ascended to the peak


What stood before us there

Is older than the oldest song I know

Light shone through walls

That were no longer even there.


The ruins of a church hundreds of years old

Musty rooms filled with

Old paintings, rubble, and roots.

And as the footsteps halted


I began to learn something that

No church could ever have taught me

God is never found in a building

Because buildings crumble

And one day will no longer exist


But the spirit of life

Exists within the trees

That are growing here

In the ones who built it

In the ones who 

Gathered here long ago

In us; who never knew it

And in those who will never know it

Except through these words.

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