London Together

I have written this for Rememberance Day, but before then i thought i would share it with you. Hope you like it :-)


1. London Together

Approximate Population of London: 8,189,154

It is November the11th 2013 ~ 10:59 am

All is loud and the streets are full of people. Cars pass swiftly, some quiet, some loud, but all are headed though the marked barriers; directing them away from the large crowds. A sea of black for death and red for blood, moves slowly but surly to the memorial site; where conversations are quiet and volume levels are at an all time low. CD players are turned off; people stop what their doing and begin to settle down.

A  low murmur passes though the crowds as Big Ben decides to strike the 11th hour.

All is silent as each and every person stands or sits to fall witness to the silence that the hour brings. Some bow their heads, while others shut their eyes or pray. Some may cry; but it is clear thet in everyones faces you could see, that they respected the unnessary death of so many people.

Who would have thought that a whole city would come together to remember the lives of many.

In the end it is not Christmas or Halloween that brings us together, but the legacy of rememberance for all thouse who have died so we might live.

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