Nothing like you and me..

I just an ordinary girl with no such good looking, short hair, ket shoes, wet shirt, skinny jeans. I just walk through class, ordinary class with such boring lecture.

It's rainy day, why did i have to go to this class?.. why wasting my time for just coming into class in rainy day..but in the end, i go to class too..

Rainy day, the day we met.

I met him, first and last that i love to death,..

11 April 2013, now it has been 3 years since we met..

Yet till now i still can't forget him....


1. Hey there...

Hey there...


Firstly, i dont know what to say..I just had a habit of writing my story, finally i can start write my own story, and this is real..not a fancfiction or my imagination..

Secondly, i personally dont know how i will start to tell my story.. maybe i can tell you with something that come up in my mind.


HE is CRUEL, never listen to what i've said, he lazy, he's a player, he always think about himself first, he never think about me, he always insult and make joke with my face, everyday he always tell me i'm ugly bitch, just go hide yourself, everytime he approach another girl like there's no me around him i cry...he always make me cry....:(


But i love him......I love him more than anyone in this earth,..I love him more than i love myself..


I lengthen my hair, i wear contact lens, i wear high heels, i learn to use make up tools..for his sake...I did all thing i dont like for him,,,,:( 


For a tomboy girl, who like's hard to change all in whole time...:) but i change to be better for him...:)


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