In The Sky (Chapter 4)

Following on the branch from hellohihi (chapter 2) > BowTiesAreCool (chapter 3) > and now mine!

...continuation of the branch competition of In The Sky


1. Gathering

     It was all a relief that even in that short moment in the room she was finally able to forget about what had just happened at the train station and provide space for other thoughts. 

     "Izalla?" came Mia asking. She wondered what's wrong and questioned annoyingly, "Don't you like the food?"

     Izalla stayed silent lost in thoughts.

     "Come on! Eat those up or else I'll eat them all," yelled Jake teasingly in the corner as he took another serving from the fridge. "Just a tip baby, she doesn't like it when people hesitates in eating her food so eat it up." 

     The room never gets quiet with Mia and Jake fighting off each other and even watching the television can't give enough contentment since every five seconds or so either the two of them changes the channel and again find it insufficient enough to stick to.

      Meanwhile, Izalla found herself staring on the view provided by the large window by the lavatory and witness as the moon glisten on the night sky and the orion showing off but there is something else. There is something else besides the moon, the stars and the night sky. She closed her eyes and shook her head. And shook her head. And again shook her head but as her eyes drifted back to the earlier view, there was nothing. Thank God I'm just hallucinating! Thought Izalla and was relieved .

      Trying to put away the images of hieroglyphics that have been haunting her, Izalla finally ate the pasta on her dish despite her bad appetite when finally Aidan interrupted her thoughts and seem to gain his existence after being zipped the whole time since they've found out that she's Izalla. 

      "It seems like you won't be home until tomorrow. You can sleep in the first room around the corner." He declared without taking a glance to Izalla. 

      "Thanks. Its just that..." but she stopped and changed her mind from asking again how they know about her and if they know about her dad. She continued, "well, I think I feel dizzy recently so I will go on." She drifted away and proceeded to the room which is surprisingly spacious.  

      Nearly dragging herself to the bed, she forgot that she left her phone on the sink. Hard as it feels for her, she had no choice but trace her steps back and slowly paced to the area. As she went back, nothing seemed to change even the quarrels of Mia and Jake and so as Aidan with his meal and that face. Blank. Plain. Whatever. Izalla thought

      Is everything here in London really strange or its just them? She asked herself as she peeped again to the window but just then she knew she something. Out in the darkness, the little light from the lamppost was interrupted and a shadow was formed. She knew that in that millisecond she saw something moving. Something different. There were two tiny balls floating in the dark that seems to be the eyes, they were glowing, and... and... 

      Bang! A loud thud disrupted the entire room. To Izalla's surprise it was a guy. And a huge one. He has a long figure and his hair is a complete mess and his eyes seemed absolutely familiar. His biceps are big and he is muscular and rather good looking but he is old, maybe mid-forties. 

      Izalla continued to stare. 

      And stare

      And stare...

      What's with this guy? She asked herself.

      And tears dropped to the cemented floor of the kitchen. She knew its him.

      The guy in the picture. 

      The guy she thought had forgotten her.

      The guy in the picture.

       She can't be wrong. 

       Its him. 

       It should be him. 






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