Doctor Who Episode 2.

Sort of carrying on from the last one...
The Doctor, Amy and Rory encounter the evil Buscars on Desert Island.



The Doctor swam through the shadows of his great swimming pool, still with a red bow tie on and red breaches on his pale blue swimming trunks. Behind him, there was a huge splash, as Amy bombed into the water, nervously followed by Rory.  The Doctor tried to chuckle at how feeble Rory was, but couldn't.  In the corner of his eye there was a black hole that was growing ever stronger.

AMY: Doctor, what’s wrong? Looks like you’re suffocating or something.

DOCTOR: I’m trying to laugh at Rory jumping in.


DOCTOR: The strange thing is I’m trying to, but I just can’t.

Amy rolled her eyes, and whispered to Rory to go and get dressed. The Doctor followed, but went to his two-story wardrobe. He found his favourite bow tie, after a few odd costumes being thrown out of it, but eventually got dressed.

DOCTOR: Right, you two, this weekend, I thought we could have a break, so we are going back to Earth, to Barbados!

The Doctor moves around levers, and presses buttons, and the TARDIS kicks into gear. They are moving quite swiftly, so the Doctor decides to go and check on Amy and Rory. He knocks on the door.

AMY: Go away.

DOCTOR: We're going to Barbados!

RORY: Still, go away.

DOCTOR: It's just that, we're nearly there, so I'd find something cool to wear.

There is a large thud, which indicates they have landed. Rory and Amy come out of their bedroom, wearing Hawaiian clothes.

DOCTOR: Was that so difficult?

They all go down to the control room. The Doctor, excitedly, opens the TARDIS doors, ferociously. He backs away when he sees they are at the cliff edge. 

DOCTOR: Well, this isn't Barbados.

RORY: Is it just me, or are we tipping?

AMY: Aw, damn.

They slowly back away. But it was too late; the TARDIS was already falling forwards, falling down and down the cliff. The Doctor couldn't reach the controls to stop it. He and Rory clutched each other and screamed, whereas Amy sat on the comfy seat and clipped herself in.



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