I am Claire, I lived with my partner Karl but I did not love Karl and so bad things came my way until an old friend appeared and he became my....well...saviour!


1. I was foolish


 I am Claire, 18 and I lived in Ireland, I was always alone and only had one friend that I truly loved but that was before. One terrible night my friends and I went out for a drink and I got drunk and ended up married the next morning. A man named Karl married me but I did not love him, I was going to divorce but he got me drunk again and we moved to London. I never saw my friend again, I was so sad.

          Karl was a horrible person, I would have to kick out girls from my house every week. Karl would treat me as a slave, he would pull me into the bed and take a knife to cut me and mark me. I had no friends and I was so alone while Karl was at the clubs destroying young girls and their lives.


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