Self Love

A poem I wrote for a friend's homework :P


1. Self Love

Self love has taken over my mind,
All I can think of is me, myself and I.
A sin I’ve done, but no remedy I can find,
It’s stuck in my heart and the soul of mine.
I am the most fair, the most beautiful,
Men fall for me, I’m irresistible.
I’m perfect and it’s the truth,
No one can match me, no one can overrule.
But when a glass shows me the real me,
I fall back, beaten with antiquity.
My self love feels contradictory now,
I lived in the past, did not come out anyhow.
For it had always been me, myself and I,
I look back at the mirror and let out a deep sigh.
The wrinkles on my face aren’t admirable at all,
White hair and fat body is all I am now.
Me, myself and I finally did die,
Realization hit me and I’m no longer living a lie.


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