fallen angels

What happens when a american girl band goes on tour with one dirction.Will Salma,Mariah,Natalie,Marisol,and Halie found out about one directions big secret, will they get killed?Read my story to figure it out


1. the begining

Salmas POV

"I cant beleive we won the x-factor YAY!!!!!"I said excited

"Woah calm yourself Salma."Mariah said.Why should i be calm anyways.Then there is a knock at the door.Mariah opens the door and finds a smiling Simon."Ok girls i got some great news."said simon "Since all of you like one direction,and won the x-factor.I thought you should go on a tour with them."Natalie was fangirling like crazy and Marisol doing her happy dance as always ."When do we start?"I asked."Tomorow.So pack your bags today and be ready at 5 am.Ok?"he asked."Ok." we all said together.


"Yay. today is the tour!!!!!!"I got up from my bed and went to all the girls rooms and yelled"WAKE UP SLEEPY HEADS!!!!"Eventually they woke up got dressed and met simon at Mc Donalds.Weird right."Hello girls so the boys will be here-" Before simon finished 5 boys came in.

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