Lost memory......new life

Ahhhhhh!!!!! Isabelle screamed. She got in a car accident with her parents,without even looking forward there came a train.......


1. Ended up in the hospital

Isabelle Got in a car accident and lost her memory. She wondered where she was and what happened. It all started when her mom  was in her car driving while texting,She was'nt even looking forward. There it came.......a train. Isabelle opened her eyes and found her parents dead.


"How are you feeling Isabelle?"

"whaa---t who is Isabelle? she wondered looking around her.

"Yup she lost her memory completely" Said the nurse telling the doctor. She had sheets of paper about Isabelle. They were taking notes down. 

"sorry dear you lost your memory and have to stay in the hospital for at least two more days.

2 days past...............

"Isabelle, We would like you to meet your foster parents" said the nurse.

"where are my real parents"? Isabelle said in shock"

"were afraid to tell you that they died of the car accident,remember?"

n--o i don't,she said in tears (Drip) there it fell.

Walked in was her foster patents. They greeted her and chatted. There it was Isabelle was leaving with her foster parents to her foster home. as Isabelle walked Into the house she was amazed. It was huge. she saw her foster sister

"Hello" Her sister Anna said.

"Hi" Isabelle said shyly

"Hellow um Harry he said in a british accent.

God he's cute! Isabelle said to herself.It Was like Harry flirting with her. "

"uhhh he's kinda mine here you see were dating so..... We could work it out right?" Anna said jealously.

"uh yeah i guess she replied.the two of them went outside for walk while Isabelle went to tour the place around a bit.____________________________________________________________

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