1. Prologue

"Dad!" Mira yelled. "Dad, Ella's wedding starts in twenty minutes, we're going to be late!" She ran through the hallways of the mansion, looking for her father. "Dad, where are you?"

"In here, sweetie. Just give me a minute." her father called from the basement. Mira opened the doors and hurried down the steps.

"Dad, you are ready, right? We have to go now!"

"Yeah Mir, I'm ready. Just a couple more seconds..." Mira opened the door and walked into the basement. The room was covered in wires and dead machinery. At the back sat a pile of metal and screens, and next to the pile stood Mira's father. 

"Dad, your not even dressed!" Her father was wearing an old pair of jeans and a bottom down shirt. His face was covered in dirt, and black hair was smoking.

"Mir, just give me a second—"

"Dad, your hair's on fire!" Her father quickly wiped his hand over his head and went back to work. We was trying to attach a new piece onto the machine, and from the looks of the sparks covering him and the floor, it wasn't going so well. "Dad, we have to go,"

"Just a second...  It's done!" he announced as the piece finally went into place.

"It's done?" Mira ran to her father's side and studied the pile carefully. Her father nodded at her and smiled. "All these years and you're finally done!" 

"No Mira, we are finally done. Wait a second..." he turned back towards the machine and studied it for a couple of seconds.

"What Dad? What's wrong?" Mira started frantically searching the machine for anything that didn't look right, but she couldn't find anything.

"Well sweetie, I think we forgot to turn it on." He reached for a lever and pulled it down with all of his strength. Suddenly, the entire room was lit up as the machine turned on. A soft hum started somewhere in the pile, and a robotic voice said, "Launching Project Spark." Mira started to twirl around the room, overcome with joy. 

"It works! It really works!" she cheered. She turned towards her father. "Now can we go to the wedding?" He laughed and lifted Mira up.

"Of corse, Mir." They started walking towards the exit when the ground shook. 

"What was that?" Mir asked.

"Probably nothing." Her father continued walking, and the room shook once more. The lights flickered and the room started to shake uncontrollably. 


"Project Malfunction," the robotic voice came again. 

"It's not an earthquake..." Mira's father spun around and ran towards the machine. 

"What's happening?" Mira started towards her father.

"Oh God, the machine's calibration's are all off."

"Did you follow my design exactly?"


"Did you?"

"I may have switched a few of the parts..."

"But that means—"

"Mir, head to the shelter!" Mira and her father ran towards the small room in the back as the machinery gave a loud creak. Mira crossed the threshold and turned around, only to see a piece of the machine break off and hit the ground.

Right on top of her father.

"Dad!" The shaking increased and the shelter door swung shut. A small green light flickered on, and Mira was left alone. It wasn't long before the lights started to go out. One by one, the world slowly grew darker. In the dimness of the room, Mira searched for anything that had survived the disaster. The only thing she could find was a small wooden music box, one that her father had given her for her fifth birthday. She wound it up and listened to the song. It was one of her favorites, and she soon started to sing along. The noise calmed her down, made the darkness feel less lonely. Then the ceiling creaked once more, and the beams collapsed, leaving nothing left but the sound of Mira Correll's music box, and a small green light glowing in the rubble.

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