PJ: Quest of Life and Death

A Percy Jackson thing.
Ace is a leader of a group of Demigods, who are suppose to find a special lost treasure and return it back to it's rightful owner. Little do they know, a little quest can turn into a death trap.


1. A Wonderful Start

"Ace. Ace Joker, apparently your leader." Ace sighed, sitting at the tip of the table. He was 15 and had spikey blonde hair and light blue eyes, which he used to examine the members of this quest. His foot tapped the wooden floor of the flying ship, built especially for this quest.

"Well, leader," said a a boy about 15 with shaggy brown hair, "Im William Beus. Call me Will. Son of Hermes," he said with a satisfied look on his tanned face. His brown eyes glittered with mischief when he smiled.

A girl scoffed, giving Will a sharp glare. "Melanie Ember, 15, Ares." she stated, taking note to watch out for that boy.

"Hah, an Ares kid?" the youngest girl out of the four laughed. "I saw a bunch of Ares kids being eaten once! Why, it was only-" Ace had kicked her leg, having a silent conversation with her through his eyes. With a huff, she shrugged. "Fatal Mark, at your service. For now." She said, twirling a finger at a strand of blonde hair. She grinned, looking at Melanie's pale face with her bright green eyes.

Ace cleared his throat, getting the attention of the three. "Now, I know it's a it weird to have an extra person on board, but apparently this quest is... Dangerous." Ace explained, Chiron's words buzzing around in his head. 

"What's the prophecy?" Will asked, raising a hand before smacking it down on the mahogany table.

"To west, city of angels bound, Happiest place on Earth, heroes go underground, Place where man dare not go, and obtain the yellow chunks that glow." Ace said, reciting a portion of the prophecy. "I already have a place in mind." The three looked at him with confusion, but shook it off.

"I'll get the ship up and flying," Will said quickly, dismissing himself from the table and leaving the meeting room.

"I've got lunch to cook," Fatal mumbled, also leaving the room.

Ace sighed, but the air got stiff as he realized Melanie was still there. He awkwardly stood up, waved goodbye to Melanie, and went off to a different room.

Melanie watch him leave, and once she couldn't hear his footsteps anymore, she ran up to deck. Leaning over, she saw Camp Half-Blood, and everyone tending to their work. She smiled weakly, already missing the place. Hearing footsteps, she quickly turned around and saw Ace walking up on deck, with an iPad looking tablet. He kept staring down at it, tapping and tapping. Curious, Melanie hopped over to him. "Whatcha doing?"

"Preparing the oxygen, checking the radar, and steering the ship- you know, when it gets in-"

The ship suddenly lurched forward, then shot up about 20 feet up in the air. Melanie fell to her knees, and Ace hugged the mast, still tapping the tablet. But more rapidly now.

Dishes and glass could be heard falling and shattering, then several severe curses from Fatal as she tried to clean them up. 

Will's voice came on the speakers. "Headin' up higher in 10 minutes! 50 more feet!"

Ace and Melanie exchanged worried glances, and finally regained balance. Then Ace tapped the tablet more furiously, a bead of sweat dripping down the side of his face. Noticing, Melanie walked up to him. "You okay?" she asked, raising an eyebrow. He shook his head, his eyes glued to the tablet.

"What's happening?"

"Can... Uh. Can Hydra's fly?"

"No? They're nine headed creatures!"

"Well, apparently this one can."

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