Love VS Hate -SEQUEL-

do not read unless you read 'One Direction VS Little Mix' thank you :)


1. School Day Disaster


i got ready for school,the girls and i are in college...hahaha.i got ready and wore a pink shirt that says 'Single baby' and skinny jeans,i wore my pink with white vans.i straightend my hair,put on my make-up and lipgloss and my perfume 'Wonderstruck' about taylor swift,i dont like her...AT ALL!!I i just like her perfume.i ran downstairs and ate,i finished my food and went to the bathroom to brush my teeth.i brushed and flossed so i'm ready to go.i called the girls down,they were all ready.i ran to my room and got my backpack.we all ran to ariana's car and drove to college.she parked and we hopped off walking inside.we walked to the office to get our NEW scheduals,"ahhh,how is my straight  A+ students?"our pincipal,Mrs.Reaber said.we all laughed,"great,were just taking a break off touring and celb stuff"i explained.she nodded."well,you might get some attencion around the schol about with the famous thing,why dont you head to english period and welcome the new teacher?"she said.i smiled "sure".me and the girls went our seperate ways.i walked to english approuching the new nglish teacher.i walked in seeing...HARRY!?!?! i walked away sitting down but he grabbed my arm lightly.i pulled my arm away ignoring him.he picked me to answer a question,i answered it and he smiled,i just gave him a stick out the tongue face..we finished class,every girl falling over heels,i walked infront of the class with my books i one hand,"for all you girls that are 'inlove' with this moron,he has kids,and the mother is me"i said rolling my eyes."speaking of kids,where are they?"he asked.i gave him a disgusted face and walked out of class heading to the next one.why the fuck did he have to be MY english teacher."you have detencion destiny"he yelled.ugh! another disaster,i have to stay in that class with that shit for the rest of the day,can this day get any worse?

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